We were in Tujunga, California.

After living there for a couple of years, one fall, the winds took out the

neighbor’s canopy she had over her car.

It had been very securely anchored yet the wind picked it up and blew it over
the fence.

I lived in the home next door.

The scene takes place in January 2005. There were record amounts of rain
and high winds.

It was Tuesday night and the roads were flooded. I was coming home late.

One, normally lightly traveled, four lane road had a mudslide al the way

across it and I merrily sped through the mud, bouncing and splashing. Life is
fun with some danger and unknown factors. Huge volumes of mud and muddy
water splashed around and onto the car.

As I approached the normally dry wash, the water was raging and taking out
the newly opened gulf course inch by inch and green by green.

I marveled at the thought of spending millions on a gulf course in a flood area
and not building for the worse.

But to the story:     

Storm Gods

As I drove, the wind buffeted the car and I thought of the Storm Gods and how
they were trashing Southern California with water and wind.

Thinking of the Storm Gods, I decided to visit them and see what was on their

I put the body on semi-automatic and left only the minimum attention on it. To
translate, even on semi-automatic, I am more in control and aware than

99.999 percent of homo sapiens that drive earth vehicles.

I located myself up into the sky. I sensed and followed the winds and came to
a calm area shrouded in clouds.

Sure enough, there were three Storm Gods there being mildly amused by the
winds and rain.

They were discussing who was going to do what next.

This seemed to be an age old discussion and one that they never tired of it.

I aimed a mild thought at them and startled them out of their day dream like

Lightening Bolts

Startling gods is not a good idea. As soon as they were over being startled,
lightening bolts flew my way from three different directions.

I kept my composure and let the bolts pass by me harmlessly.

In the big scheme of things it rains or does not rain, man survives and the
Storm Gods continue to do whatever interest them.

In the short scheme, the mud was getting my car dirtier faster than I was

willing to wash it.

I also missed the mild warm Southern California days. So what it came down
to was my interest versus their interest.

Since I knew who they were and they didn’t know me, I had an advantage.

I invited them to look at the damage being done by their “interest.”

They marveled at the land slides, the flooding and the displaced families.

They weren’t evil only unaware of others and their needs.

Moving the Storm

They looked and decided they could be interested in moving the winds and
rain to the pole where no one would be harmed by the gales and blizzards.
They could howl and roar with no problems being created.

Of course being a bit absent minded, they might forget this by tomorrow and
would certainly not remember it next week. But I felt I could count on them
doing what they promised.

They said they would go after watching the sun rise.

I greeted them good bye until another time.

I left to walk the winds high above the earth. The view was incredible as
always from this altitude.

I let the wind have a grip on me and I soared up and down and went miles

and miles.

After a while, I decided to rejoin my body fully and picked it up at home.

With the small amount of attention I had left on it I found that  I had gone to
dinner, shot pool and had a couple beers while
I was out talking to the Storm

Life was grand!

Wind walking was a sport very few people took part in. As a sport it was a bit
lonely. I kept inviting others but rarely had anyone who would surf the winds
with me.

If you want a really exciting sport, try surfing the huge arcs that flare out from
the sun. You have to left gravity take you and then you can slide down a
quarter million miles of pure energy.

That’s exciting and really gives you a rush. You should try it someday.

However, for the milder folk, just walking or riding the wind is fun.

The End.

The next story is named Holes.
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