This is a short fiction story that reflects some of my viewpoints and hopes.  
I hope you enjoy it.       

Spirits, The True Story                         

Have you ever wondered why spirits are always shown as being bad?

In literature, the demon or banshee is always causing someone trouble.

In science, they deny that spirits even exist. They go to great lengths to
prove there is no such thing. Life is a chance spark in the mud.

In religion, there are angels (good and bad), God and a Devil. Not wishing to
criticize any religion, but God is often said to be “merciful” or “wrathful”.

Well I’m here today to tell the true story of a spirit, me.

I am not merciful nor wrathful. If I am angry, look out. Mercy is not likely to
show itself but can. I’m usually not wrathful either. What point is there in
stepping on an ant’s hill?

Any spirit that comes down to that level is no longer a spirit but is a Homo
Sapiens, call him Homo Sap for short or just Sap.

Then there is good and bad. Now who sets the standards for what is good
and bad? To a duck, a hunter with a gun is bad. To a starving family, a dead
duck is dinner and is good. So it seems to be a matter of viewpoint.

Now, it can be fun to cause trouble. Actually, it is great sport and very funny
to cause mischief. But again, so you can flood the ant’s hill. That too
becomes boring.

No, what any spirit wants is a game.

Now, a true spirit is huge and really is “all powerful” so there can’t be much
of a game if you always win or know the outcome before it happens.

So to get into a game, you must reduce a universe of beingness down to the
catcher’s position in a baseball game. But there's a liability to this.
Sometimes, a spirit experiences a shock of some sort and forgets to regain
his actual size and position. Actually over a period of time, he can becomes
a Sap.

Now that is degrading but you’d have to realize this before you’d know what
you were feeling. Mostly as a homo sap, you wouldn’t feel it but if you had a
clue of how degraded you are, you would just “think” about it endlessly and
for no purpose or result.

Often, a spirit just makes mistakes.

In his basic desire to be good, the spirit will wish away the ability that caused
or was used to produce the mistake. It’s like “Wow, I never want to do that
again” type thinking and sure enough, often we never do it again.

As the centuries roll by, we make a lot of wishes not to do this and that and
so find we have wished ourselves to a state of inability. With the inability,
confidence is lost and emotions turn from fun and play to dark seriousness!

Look around yourself. Notice the people who laugh and those that are dark
and “serious” about everything. The laughers are the ones with much more

A spirit can be anything.

An animal, a tree or guardian of a forest or stream are all potential forms for
a spirit.

In the old stories, a spirit would come along and drop a palace into the sand
fully staffed with servants, food and all the amenities needed to live in luxury.

Well the time of spirits of that power has passed but only for a span of time.

There is a new group of freed spirits. The new freed spirits have an
advantage over spirits of the past.

The first advantage is that they know what they are and who they are. Can
you answer those questions?

True Power

With knowledge, come
s control and power. True power.

For it was ignorance that allowed the spirits of the past to be trapped by
themselves and others that wished them harm.

It is also true that the free spirits were the more powerful spirits of the past.
Truly, there was really nothing that could contain them or harm them but
their own thought that they were harmed or trapped.

So with power regained and knowledge to prevent its lost again, a new era
is upon us.

Evil About

So look about the world. There is still evil about trying to wreak man’s best
efforts to survive.

But some of us are working to overcome the decline of homo sap. There is
an effort to stop insanity, crime, drugs, reverse the decline of “education”
and free man to greater heights than ever known in this universe.

But most of homo sap is to far gone to even watch the game of life much
less play in it. To change the game or create a new one requires a bit of

Do you want to play?

Let me tell the future for you. Any spirit can do this and a powerful one is
likely to make it happen! The freed spirits are winning over the forces of evil.
This I guarantee as I am re-learning how to create and uncreate this
universe. When I create it and recreate it, I will just not recreate things that
should not be.

For example the fields of “mental healing” has been used by evil
psychs to
trap man and keep him down. They are vanishing. Look at the statistics as
there are fewer and fewer of the guys who are supposed to know what they
are doing regarding the mind. Those left will be going to jail for crimes
against their patient and insurance fraud.

Again, as I recreate the universe, it will improve. Now, this could sound like
just the thing that gets a spirit a bad name, uncreating things. Well, it could
be but I guarantee, in the long run, a better world where honest free men
can lead lives of happiness.

The End

Stories by Carl

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