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After you read this page, a success story came in from a patient that you really must read.
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There were a huge number of very interesting things I saw and learned but I am only going to give the three
things that impressed me the most.
I am starting with the least impressive:

First, Nutrition Response Testing is extremely methodical. Briefly the first thing is you see if the autonomic nervous
system is working and open to healing at all. Then you test to see if the autonomic nervous system is working correctly
meaning if you are trying to sleep, is the body getting ready to fight or run or if correct it's going into a resting state. Then
all the major glands and organs are tested. If there is any problem, then the cause(s) of the problem is ascertained.

Personally, I have been very aware of nutrition and have tried to stay up with technology in that area. You can view some
of my supplements by
clicking here.  

In the past, I have been to many chiropractors, at least six, to address back pains and other related problems. In all my
visits, I have never had a single chiropractor determine why my back would be adjusted, gotten all balanced, and then go
back out.

On stage, in about five minutes,
the cause of the back pain was isolated, a weak prostate! Just weak, not
diseased, but a weak gland and if not assisted, it could lead to serious problems! With Nutrition Response Testing, the
exact nutrients and the exact number of supplements were determined and the prostate became strong! The back
muscles became strong. My back problems were due to nutrient starvation! All my past attempts to be healthy including
professional help had missed the mark! I was  suffering from malnutrition.

Sept, 2008 Update: I have been tested routinely and the last couple times, NO organs or glands were weak!

The second new remarkable thing is how scars can mess up the nervous system. I'm not going to try to explain
how it works but if you're really interested,
Contact me. I will tell you that a scar on my wife's leg made her nervous
system try to run backwards. Another lady, the scar from her earing, only one ear mind you, was messing her up. And so
it went. Mother's often have a scar  from child birth. Everyone has a belly button scar (pardon the lack of a big word for
this). These can potentially be handled with a nutrient and or a cold lazer.

The third thing was the most remarkable to me. The audience was composed mostly of chiropractors. Guessing I'd
say 80%. The rest were acupuncturist, nutritionist, veterinarians, MD's, and three non-professionals (my wife, me and
one contractor).

    Everyone was tested on stage.

    Now these were nutritionally educated people and still one hundred
    percent were deficient in nutrition and needed supplements! (These numbers are
    based on my observation and I didn't make any notes so I'm sure the figures are off; but
    close to 100 people, all that were present, were all deficient!)

    There is a book that explains why the malnutrition was 100% present despite all their efforts and
    efforts to
    be healthy.

    That book is Going Back to the Basics of Human Health by Mary Frost. Order the book by
    clicking here to the left.

    Her book is short and written in plain language. I had to look up one word in a dictionary. Her
    book explains the why we are deficient nutritionally so that you will realize what's been happening.

    Next read The Great Health Heist by Paul J. Rosen. Order the book by clicking to the right.  His
    book gives many examples of what the result of several generation of malnutrition has been
    doing to this country and specifics on how and what he did to handle the problems.
    I'll give you a clue, Nutrition Response Testing and correct supplements for the exact

    Both these books are available by clicking on the slide show just
    above to the left which will take you to or click on the
    book title.

    It is my total belief that the majority of diseases and chronic aliments  
    start from a minor problem let go and that the minor problem was
    caused, at least in part, by malnutrition. Now I'm not saying that you,
    the person running the body, aren't responsible but a well maintained
    body will recover quicker and better that a body that is starving for various

    There is hope! Read this success story and then read The Great Health Heist
    by Paul J. Rosen.

    I am adding more success stories for Nutritional Response Testing.

    Here is a link to a site that rates the pesticide contamination in your favorite fruits and
    vegetables provided by Environmental Working Group.

CalMag-C is an awesome product. Go and read up on it yourself. Calcium and magnesium are both vital to your survival
and well being!  

Safer more effective B1,
"Wellness Support Network" (Benfotiamine).

There is an excellent website for Vitamin D info: Check out the toxicity page for reference to
calcium and vitamin D because there isn't any toxicity under normal usage!

New data on Vit E delays tumor growth. Check it out

Farm-fresh Organic Food Delivered to You!

Danger and Vitamins

For a list of groups that you can join to help protect your rights to nutritional supplements and
alternative care, go to my page
Thomas Jefferson! Click to view.

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