Aiden Crawling on the grass circa May 2010
Aiden on 1/31/10 held by his mom, Monique
Aiden Christopher Nolan about Sep 2009 Picture of my 11 grandson
Andrew Watts 2004 on the beach with ocean in the background
Liam Nolan one year old at Marcy and Mark Eiben's wedding reception
Carl and Mary Watts on Carl's Birthday 12/28/08
Picture of road side Northern California snow storm 2004
Carl and Mary Watts at the home of Mitch and Dynnell on 12/28/08
Rita Stiles, Roger's mother Christmas 2007
Andrew Watts Dec 2007
This is Mary Watts standing in front of the great metor crater in Az on our honeymoon Sept 2007
Wesley Carl in baseball uniform
Picture of a statute of a rider on a horse outside a hotel Reno, NV snow storm 2004
Emily LaVonne Watts 2004
    Over the past number of years, I have taken many pictures mostly of family.
Hopefully some of these may delight you and give you a breath of joy. I hope you enjoy my photography and hope others will take the opportunity to submit their
pictures to be displayed on my site.
Contact me! To view a larger picture and get a little history, simply click on any
picture below! Enjoy!
My awesome Family is one of the reasons I started "SAVE the WORLD" Please check out my ideas!
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Josh Watts 2003 at a wedding at Celebrity Centre International
Chaz Carl 2004 on the beach
Joshua Watts 2003
Andrew Watts on toy at Tom Gillott's house
Emily Lavonne Watts 2004
Picture of a table in Reno, NV snow storm 2004
Megan Anderson friend of the family
Chris Nolan, Monique's husband and Liam's dad!
Wesley Carl on the beach with the ocean behind him
George Carl on the beach stacking rocks Mothers Day
huge canes with my hand in front of them
beautiful red flowers
Miranda Baaska at the Los Angeles aboretum
interesting nature shot at the Arboretum
beautiful flowers landscape shot at Arboretum
Joshua on the beach with the ocean behind him
Emily LaVonne Watts 2004
the Lovely Michelle Carl
Sean  Baaska wearing his hat in about 2006
Carl and Emily LaVonne Watts in Las Vegas 2007
Andrew Watts 2004 about 3 year old
March Eiben
Dylan Watts about one month old
Mitchell Watts
Sean Baaska wit a bow on his head (bow and arrow type bow)
Pic Mary and Carl Watts at their wedding 9/7/07
Miranda Baaska-Martin at her art exhibit 2008
Chris holding Liam 2008
Chris, Liam and Carl 2008
Marcy at Mitchell's home 11/15/08. Pregnant with her first child
Mitchell at his home 11/15/08
Josh reaching for something in a tree 11/15/08
Leaping Dylan jumping off the picnic table
Andrew sword fighting with little brother Dylan 11/16/08
Photos by Carl
Carl and Mary Watts picture outside mountain property home Thanksgiving 2007
Dylan working on grandpa's car
Fire next to Mitchell's property on Big Tujunga Canyon Rd Sept 08
Fountain at the big family property
Dynnel and Dylan Watts 4/08
Doris Davis, Carl's mother, picture taken at the Aquirium of the Pacific
Mary Watts July 2007 at the property
Mary Watts taken July 2007 at the property holding Dylan July 2007
Andrew Watts August 2007
This was a sky shot taken in the mid west on Mary and Carl's honeymoon Sept 2007
Grasshopper taken on Mary and Carl's honeymoon in the midwest Sept 2007
Mary on our Honeymoon in the midwest Sept 2007
Picture in Owensboro, KY of Larry and Bonita Riney and Mary
Mary Watts' sister Janet and her husband Chris
This is Mary's brother-in-law Chris, his beautiful airplane he built, Carl and Larry Riney, Mary's dad
This was Sept 2007 on our honeymoon. Mac Greer, Linda Greer, Doris Davis, Carl's mom, and Mary Watts
This is Carl at the Edge of the State of North Carolina Sept 2007
Carl and his sister Theresa Myers 2007
Roger Stiles Noverber 2007 at the mountain property
Michelle Carl my eldest beautiful daughter Nov 2007 at the mountain property
This is David Stiles, Harley Barber, Nikki Adachi, Harry Stiles Christmas 2007
Zachary and Roger Stiles 12/2007
This is Dylan balancing on his baby chair March 2008
Theresa about to give Carl a lesson in pool March 2008
Carl, Mary and Marcy at a World Financial Group convention 3/7/08 Los Angeles, CA
Mary Watts Mothers day 5/11/08 at the Los Angeles Arboritum
Sarah, Carrie, Roger, Sharon, David, Rita, Harry (All Stiles family), Theresa Myers
George, Michelle, Martha, Wesley and Chaz Carl May 2008 Los Angeles Arboritum
front row: Marcy, Michelle, George, Wesley, Sean, Miranda, Monique, Melanie; behind Chaz, Carl, Mary, Chris holding Liam
Left is Melanie Martin, Liam and Mom, Monique Nolan
Melanie Martin and Mark Christmas 2008
Andrew Watts June 2008
Dylan Watts demonstrating the newest in redneck swimming pools in the back of a pickup truck in an industrial area
Rosemary in Bloom 1/23/09 in Theresa's garden
Mitchell and Dynnel Watts 8/08
Michelle Carl and Melanie Martin
Some type palm in blume
Dynnel and Josh at less than one year old, Mo's first wedding
Chaz at Monique's first wedding
Dylan on 3/2/09 with his new hat he just got from Carl
Michelle Carl 3/1/09 at Marcy's baby shower
Monique Nolan at Marcy's baby shower 3/1/09
This is my neice Sara May at the beach 2/21/09
Beach 2/21/09
Sara May and Jack, the cat, on her visit to Calif on 2/22/09
Sunset from Griffith Park 2/20/09
Sunset at Griffith Park 2/20/09
Marcy Eiben at Dynnel's Baby shower 2/8/09
Downtown Los Angeles taken from Griffith Park on 2/20/09
Theresa Myers picture taken 12/28/08 at the mountain property
Sierra Isabelle at 3 weeks old
Dynnel just a few hours after delivery of Ashlie
Ashley Emily Watts just a few hours old
Sierra Isabelle Carl's 10th grandchild. Carl is holding her in this shot
Sean Baaska Martin on the shoulder's of his friends at his graduation from the Delphi Academy of Los Angeles
Miranda Horizonal held by her brother and friends
This is Ashley on the left and Sierra on the right. both are just over four months old
This is Dylan Watts on his third birthday, his nickname is Pickle
Chaz in costume for Holloween 2009
Wesley in costume for Holloween 2009
Mary and Carll Watts at the Farnworth home for Halloween 2009
Tigan Farnsworth, a totally cute tottler in the elmo suit, Mary and Carl Watts
Dylan Watts Halloween 2009 in a lemon green dragon suite
Joshua Watts Halloween 2009 in black custome and a cute smile
Anderw Watts Halloween 2009 in black custome
Brandon and Tiffany, Brandon's latest project, Halloween 2009
Sierra Isabell in her Holloween custom, beautiful, bright eyed young lady
Carl and Mary Oct 2009 Liam's first birthday party
Mary, Marcy, Sierra, Carl
This is Jack, my cat :-)
Sean being awarded Eagle Scout June 2010
Sierra May 2010
Liam and Carl June 27, 2010
Sarah, Wesley, Carrie, Lara and Chaz Circa May 2010
Santa Monica Birds on the Beach May 2010
Mary May 2010 windy day Santa Monica beach
this is Sharon, Carl's sister and Allen her oldest son
Doris Davis, Carl's Mom May 2010
Theresa, Sharon, Doris and Carl
George and Chaz on Sat 6/26/10 Little Toyko tour
Mary and Carl Little Tokyo Tour 6/27/10
Ashlie Grinning!
This is Max my friend's horse
Picture of Carl Watts founder of for the promotion of art, artists and ideas
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