front row: Marcy, Michelle, George, Wesley, Sean, Miranda, Monique, Melanie; behind Chaz, Carl, Mary, Chris holding Liam
This is Carl at the Edge of the State of North Carolina Sept 2007
Carl and Mary Watts at the home of Mitch and Dynnell on 12/28/08
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Mary Helen Andrews marries Carl Watts, Artist on Sept t, 2007
Mary and I are
certified to do

I am a
Poet and a
. I love to
help others.
Contact me to let
me know how I
can assist
Contact me!  

I also do
Handyman work
and very actively
promote others on
the internet.

Mary and I have
common goals of
helping others. We
are very happy

We are following
our studies of
Scientology and
becoming more
able as we move
towards total
freedom for
outselves and

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To the right is
Mary on our
honeymoon at a
reststop in the mid

These two were
taken at the home
in the mountains.
That is
Dylan Mary
is holding

In the picture
below, guess
where I am!

to the right is
Marcy, Mary and I
at a WFG National
2008 Conference.
Marcy is still with
Carl and Mary!
Carl and Mary Watts picture outside mountain property home Thanksgiving 2007
Mary Watts taken July 2007 at the property
Mary Watts taken July 2007 at the property holding Dylan July 2007
This is Mary Watts standing in front of the great metor crater in Az on our honeymoon Sept 2007
Can you guess where Mary is standing? This was taken on our
honeymoon in Sept 2007! Meteor crater in Arizona.
Carl, Mary and Marcy at a World Financial Group convention 3/7/08 Los Angeles, CA
In the shot below, I have most my family. Front row, left to
right is
Marcy Eiben, Michelle Carl, George Carl, Wesley
Carl, Sean Baasla. MIramda Baaska, Monique Nolan. In the
Chaz Carl, Carl Watts, Mary Watts,  and Chris Nolan
Liam. Click on their name to see more photos.
Mary and Carll Watts at the Farnworth home for Halloween 2009
Tigan Farnsworth, a totally cute tottler in the elmo suit, Mary and Carl Watts
Halloween 2009 at the
Farnsworth's home!
Mary and Ashley early 2010
Carl and Mary Oct 2009 Liam's first birthday party
Mary, Marcy, Sierra and Carl 2/14/10
Chris on the right , carl and Liam
Mary on our Honeymoon in the midwest Sept 2007
This is Jack, my cat :-)
This is Max my friend's horse
On the left here is my awesome cat, Jack. Jack is sitting on my lap as I type.

To the right is Max. My friend Tiffany purchased him in Janurary 2010.

They are both my friends!
Liam and Carl June 27, 2010
Mary May 2010 windy day Santa Monica beach
Mary and Carl Little Tokoyo Tour June 27 2010
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