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Nutrition Response Success Story

"About four months ago I went to a medical doctor with infected bug
bites and while there asked for a full physical as I had not had one in
many years.

"The medical doctor did the physical over several visits (while treating
the infected insect bites) doing all the blood work tests first. The tests
came back all normal for all body organs and blood.

"Then on the final visit the doctor listened to my heart, looked shocked
and told me I had a very uneven heart beat. I told him that I knew that
as I could lie in bed at night and feel it bumping around. He did an
EKG of my heart and when he saw the result rushed me right into
hospital for tests.

"I was there overnight and did every test in the book with all the
sophisticated machines and equipment that exist. Everything in the
blood and blood-flow and enzymes etc came out normal except for the
fact that I had atrial fibrillation (the top two chambers or atrium were
not beating but were just fluttering). This is apparently caused by the
electronic node in the right atria sending mixed and broken signals to
the heart muscle so it doesn’t do the normal beat that it should.

"The heart specialists explained that this was very dangerous as the
blood can clot in the atrium and then the clots can get pumped out and
cause a stroke or heart attack. This was unbelievable to me as I was
very active and had none or the expected symptoms whatsoever He
put me on three pharmaceutical drugs. One (originally developed a rat
poison he said) to thin the blood so it wouldn’t clot, one to stop the
body producing adrenalin so the heart wouldn’t speed up dangerously
and one to slow the existing beat down as it was already way too fast.
Then he was going to watch me for 4 months and decide when it
would be right to put me out with anesthetic, give my heart an electric
shock to stop it and then start it up again, hopefully with a normal beat
– at least for a while! And I’d be on drugs for life of course!

"When I was on the drugs I really got symptoms – all the things they
said I should have had before but didn’t have. I had shortness of
breath, was physically dragging with very low energy and had chest
pain. If this was medical help I didn’t want it and I certainly wasn’t
going to let them sedate me and shock my heart in the hope it would
start again with a correct beat.

    "I contacted (the Doctor) and she said she could
    help my body resolve the situation for itself. She
    explained her system, did her tests, put me on
    whole-food supplements so my body could rebuild
    my heart, found I had parasites in the heart muscle
    and gave me capsules to kill those off. (I’m sure it
    was the parasites that were inhibiting the
    electronic signal between the node and the heart
    muscle) Under doctor's care, in only 7 weeks, my
    “dangerous” atrial fibrillation is totally gone and I
    have a strong normal heart beat and am off all the
    poisonous pharmaceutical drugs for good. I can’t
    thank the Doctor enough for her wonderful help."

    Barry W.

    To find out about more successful applications of
    Nutrition Response TestingSM, read The Great
    Health Heist
    by Paul J. Rosen. Visit his website to order the
    book: OR
    click to the right.

    To find out why you need Nutritional Response
    Testing, read Going back to the Basics of Human
    For a list of other doctors in the area, click here.

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