Mitch's custom built highaway maple table and maple cabinets
Mitch's custom made outdoor marble top with Mexican sink and custom cupper faucets
Mitch's custom ironwood gliding exterior bench
Custom hideaway table in upright position, maple wood
Mitch's custom designed and built outside shade structure, pergula
Mitch's custom designed and built outside shade structure, pergula
Mitch's oriental type metal awning
Mitch's custome designed deck and pond arrangement
Mitch's custom designed and built apitong bench
Mitch's custom designed and built speaker supports using stainless steel
custom built gates
Mitch's custom designed and built outside shade structure, pergula
Mitch's custom designed and built outside shade structure, pergula
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There are many more artistic projects that Mitch has done. His website is  To contact Mitch, you can email him at or call him at 818-317-4768.

Mitch and his wife, Dynnel, are in business as Watts Specialties International (WSI) (General Contractor's License #878908).

When asked what does WSI does, the usual response is "What do you need?" He can do anything.

I am very proud of his abilities and his integrity. I've done really well in not messing him up when he was growing up!
side view of custom Maple Table and Bench
Custom build gates
Mitch's custom designed and built prayer station, maghogany deck
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These above are projects I helped Mitchell (WSI) on recently. The top left are boxes made of "Ironwood" which is very dense and hard. It
is stained just a little bit and sealed. On the top right are boxes made from mahogany. I constructed these entirely. They are stained or
sealed as the client was going to redo the fence that's behind them and paint them the same color. I hope they don't as the wood is
beautiful. Scroll down for many more
While this may not be artistic, it's interesting to me. In the top left here, you can see concrete below the steel cage area. That concrete is
in a hole four feet in diamenter and was originally 27 feet deep.
See Brandon in the hole, click.
    The steel that you see
    coming up and bent over
    is 1.25 inches thick!  
    There are ten vertical
    rods in each of the back
    holes. There are a total of
    6 holes.

    Two were 27 feet deep,
    four were 24 foot deep.
    These six holes took me
    and two helpers over two
    months to dig by hand
    with shovel, jackhammer,
    rope and buckets.

    On the right, you see the
    back right corner of the
    cage. It's about twenty
    feet wide.

    To the left, you can see
    me and Brandon
    lowering the cage over
    the verticle steel rods
    down onto the concrete
    piles that sink deep into
    the ground below.
Outside shade structure, a pergula in Burbank, CA
To the right, is a simple but very
sturdy shade structure. Each
wooden post is mounted on steel
footing that are deep into the
concrete below the paving
stones. Brandon & I constructed
this structure for Mitchell who
designed it. It's in Burbank, CA.
Below are concrete supports for
a 3 story chimney. Below that is a
view out the finished windows.
I'd like to promote my son, Mitchell, and his work. Not to mention that I do a lot of it
myself working with him, Mitch has some of the highest standard I have ever seen.
Sometimes I really think he over does it. But the customers love the superior quality.
They KNOW if Mitch did it, it's GREAT! Click on any of the below to take you to an
enlarged picture.
Brandon in one of the holes doing steel reinforcement work
Picture of Carl and Roger standing on a job site
Inter view out on the finished room
custom built shelving

Mitchafied Creations
Pergola in Sierra Madre CA build using redwood
Pergola under construction San Dimas Ca
Pergola in Sierra Madre CA build using redwood
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