The Mismatched Stories

The joy of creating is what makes the starlet beautiful and the star handsome.

The problem that immediately arises is how to support oneself by creating when the economic system demands you have
money or perish.

The solution is to out create the lack of money and create anyway.

So I’ll tell this mismatched true story. It is really three separate stories, but you decide if you’re willing to use your abilities!

Recently I was telling a student about how the whole world is only a surface with no backing. I got her to look idea that the
world was not really there, only the image is there.

If you take a shovel and dig into the earth, the edge or image indents and pulls out so that the “hole” is really just a dent in
the original image and part of the image is lifted out and put some place else.

You can test this by digging a hole in the soil. It looks like the earth is being moved. It seems solid. We all agree to this
and so we all see it this way.

It’s not but that’s later in the story.

Next was the fact the wind was really blowing, about 40-60 miles per hour and higher nearby.

I gave her the idea of walking on the winds, a wind walker.

It is really easy, just ask the wind gods if you can come up and visit and you can find yourself high above the earth wind

We recently had excessive rains. What I did was to tell the wind gods we had had enough and predicted that the rains
would end on Wednesday and so it did.

In times of old, people believed in gods of the wood, streams, ocean and many other places. They weren’t wrong.

Contrary to the movies, it is not a lack of believe that has caused these gods to be unavailable or to not exist. It simply
means that the people aren’t communicating with them. Many still control the wind and rain, and many other phenomena.

Each one of the above facts, I repeat, “facts” will be the subject of a story. Each will be “a believe it or not tale.” If it feels
like the truth, look and see why you feel it is truth. You are hereby challenged to not try…

The last is the most unbelievable but the easiest one to prove to yourself if you aren’t so bad off as to deny your own
senses. I suspect many will cry out that this is all in your imagination. Perhaps it is. Let those who cannot see, cry out. Let
those of us you can see and feel, know the truth. Again, you are challenged to not see and to not feel, just chalk it up to

Try just looking through the walls, through the floor and earth, and see what you see.

If you see outside or the stars, try walking while keeping your sights on the outside or the stars. You may find the floor is a
long way from your feet.

Click here for the first story.
The Image.
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