I would like to introduce Marcy Ann Eiben. Marcy is my daughter, child number five. (see family pictures)

She is married to Mark Eiben.

She is a creative young lady who paints, draws and writes poetry. She also likes to sing!

She lives in Glendale, California.

I have many of her
paintings and drawings which you can view.

Marcy held an art show on 2/9/08.
Click here to see a slide show. Marcy is holding another show 2/28/09. Come and
meet Marcy, me and some other artists that will be there.

I also have four of her poems posted:
Deaths Window
My Mother
Nature and Life
Flourish and Prosper

Painting Collage
Individual paints:
Beach and Clouds
Flip Flops on the Beach
Flowers and Butterflies
Forest Opening
Girl Looking
House on the Hill
LRH and Car
Marcy with Hat and Glasses
Moon over Water
Orange Abstract
Tennis Shoes
Tree on Orange
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Visit Marcy's website: MarcyEibenArtist.com.
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