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This is a mailbox I started sometime go. I am using recycled crate materials that have come from all
around the world. On the inside, there are marking showing where they are from.
Click here to see
these.  Click on any picture to see enlarged.

This mailbox is complete. The flag is made of scrap Bloodwood.  Notice the colors and the grains of
the wood.  Again, no colors have been added, these are natural. You may notice the opener handle.
It is made from a solid brass bar.
Click here to see enlarged.

In the back ground of the first photo below, you can see a table upside down. It's been completed
and delivered. It has an African Mahogany top. I used the crate materials to do the table's legs, ends
and sides.
Click here to see the Mahogany table.

"Mailbox by Carl"
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