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This page takes you to the articles which will scare you with the truth about what's going
on around you and hopefully to get you to think and take action to bring some positive

Please forward me data about the FDA, EPA, FTC, big pharma, psyches and their abuses
and crimes. Also forward me data on groups that are organized to combat these situation!

Given all the bad news here, please
HelpSaveTheWorld! Enjoy helping!
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  1. PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS Lawsuit says too many psychiatric drugs killed boy
  2. Codex Alamentarius- A Self Fulfilling Prophesy
  3. Depression Test Puts Kids' Health at Risk. Got kids, you must see this!
  4. Harvard Medical Students Rebel Against Big Pharma Ties.
  5. "Fox, Douglas Kennedy, Lilly pays $1.42 billion in Zyprexa suit".
  6. Alzheimer's drugs double death risk in elderly
  7. The "Business" of Drugs: Not to be outdone by Eli Lilly, Pfizer raises the
    Settlement Bar on Criminal Off Label Marketing of Drugs to $2.3 Billion
  8. The "Business" of Drugs: Pfizer may be hit with another $153 million in
    potential legal fines for Medicaid fraud
  9. The "Business" of Drugs: Seroquel's Falsified Studies Exposed
  10. The "Business" of Drugs: Pharmaceutical "Cocktails" Found in Fish Near Major
    U.S. Cities
  11. The "Business" of Drugs: What it takes to spur the FDA into ACTION
  12. WINHS UPDATE: The European Court of Justice, Following EU Food
    Supplements Directive Mandates, Takes on Food  Supplement Health Claims
  13. CANADIAN FOOD SUPPLEMENTS ALERT: Canadian Consumer Product
    Safety Act  Bill C-6 Launched
  15. Conflicts for FDA committee set to weigh risks of Seroquel
  16. Firms Tied to some MDs who set Policy Treatment Advice Focuses on Drugs
  17. FDA Demands Pharma Stops 'Misleading' Ads on Google, Yahoo
  18. Grassley Probes Financing of Advocacy Group for Mental Health.
  19. Psychiatry's Prescription For Violence.
  20. Clarification of Codex and its predicted influence and impact on the natural
    health industry in non-European Union countries
  21. Senator questions NAMI about big pharma financing...
  22. Broward foster child who killed himself last week had been prescribed...
  23. Answers needed in case of Child's suicide!
  24. State officials investigating whether 7-year-old suicide victim was given mind-
    altering drug
  25. Child's death was anything but a suicide!

5/31/09 FDA Covertly Drops Inspection of Medical Device Labs

5/13/09 FDA Floats Hydroxycut Scare to Discredit Yet Another Supplement Company!

5/8/09 When Over the Counter Turns Lethal and where is the FDA! Click to view!

5/5/09 Pharmaceutical company ethics Protected by the White House, the FDA and Congress! You must see this!

4/28/09 The avian flu scam, Prototype for all mandatory mass vaccination schemes. And where is the FDA?

4/20/09 FDA Conspires with Cold Medicine Manufacturers to Keep Selling Dangerous Products to Four Year Olds... Mike Adams
Health Ranger

4/11/09 Health News Update: FDA Gives Thumbs Up to Unapproved Morphine Mike Adams Health Ranger

3/6/09 The FDA: aiding the destruction of our future: "Monsanto's Many Attempts to Destroy All Seeds but Their Own"

3/4/09 So where is the FDA who's job it is to protect American? Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in
Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries!

2/2/09 FDA Approves 18 Drugs from Pharma Company Accused of Conspiracy, Fraud. By Natural News.

1/19/09 FDA raids small herbal company By My perspective is the FDA is trying to put the herbal companies out of
business leaving the AMA and Big Pharma the only course of treatment. These druggings do not cure.  Drugs are poisons, all of
them. A little stimulates, more sedates, more kills!

FDA Approves Some New Drugs Illegally By

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign!

1/10/09 Alzheimer's drugs double death risk in elderly

1/3/09 FDA Tells Pregnant Women it's OK to Consume Mercury! by Dr Mercola

FDA Approves Stevia, Ends the Era of Oppression of this Herbal Sweetener By

FDA Hid Names of Melamine Contaminated Infant Formula Products from the Public By

FDA Slammed for Calling BPA Safe by Dr Mercola

"Undeniable Proof the FDA Allows Pet Food to Break the Law" . This one needs no explanation! Check it out.

10/26/08 " is a public service informational project of Data Search Worldwide, Inc., a public records retrieval
company founded by Ken Kramer in 1998 and located in Clearwater, Florida."

"Our mission is to provide journalists, law enforcement, criminal investigators, government agencies and the general public with
governmental records concerning Florida psychotherapists as efficiently as possible."

10/15/08 "
Gift to Center Headed by FDA Panel Chairman Raises Questions" "A retired medical supply manufacturer who considers
bisphenol A to be "perfectly safe" gave $5 million to the research center headed by the chairman of a Food and Drug Administration
panel about to rule on the chemical's safety. "

FDA Conspires with Cold Medicine Manufacturers to Keep Selling Dangerous Products to Four Year Olds  

10/11/08 "What the Chemical Industry Doesn't Want You to Know about Everyday Products"  about BPA, Dow and The EPA By Dr

8/22/08 "
FDA Unleashes Mass Irradiation of Spinach, Lettuce and Other Vegetables" by NaturalNews.Com.

8/20/08 Check out the recent
FDA news by NaturalNews.Com. Also, the FDA says BPA is safe for baby bottles! See the article: FDA
Declares Toxic "Bisphenol A" Plastics Chemical to be Safe Enough for Babies" by NaturalNews.Com.  Feel free to read the
referenced articles to get the full picture.

8/6/08 Check out The Author writes a book about health, the FDA and medical corruption.

7/14/08 Check out this link on Cancer, Vit. D and the FDA

7/5/08 Researcher Takes Drug Company Pay, Then Lie About it. By Dr. Josepha Mercola

5/24/08 I'm posting another link to an article about the
foreign manufacture of FDA approved drugs. I urge you to check this out and
pass it on. Carl

5/5/08 Read the article about
How the American Medical Associations Got Rich!

5/12/08 I created two new pages. They are both accessible by going through Nutrition Response Testing.

One is on the danger of "BPA." Never heard of it? Check it out. I've seen someone that had a problem linked to this discovered by
Nutrition Response Testing techniques.

The next new page is a promotion of
Farm-Fresh Organic Food Delivered to You! If you haven't read the book Going Back to the
Basics of Human Health by Mary Frost you just don't know how important this is. Go to Nutrition Response Testing and check out the

Read this article about a new chemical that masks bitter flavors by turning off bitter flavor receptors on your tongue. The FDA
approve it as "safe" after three months testing on rats.  

Well I gave up page. If this was a court of evidence, the FDA would be executed. Since it is not, they continue to comment crimes!

Next, I challenge you to see any one of the movies about Monsanto and the genetic modifications. Pick a

Send in your comments on any article or offer your own!   

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psychicatry's prescription for violence
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