the killing of evolution!

I chose the name of this page for the effect because it's happening!

Everyday, man is killing the soil with chemicals designed to kill bugs or fungus. These same chemicals,
very powerful, kill everything else that's present in the soil. This has gotten much worse than it was when
I first wrote this. GMO crops are heavily sprayed with poisons. Unfortunately, nature resists this and they
have to use more and more poisons to stop the weeds!

The death is so thorough that farmers can not plow under the husk of old crops as they will not
decompose. The soil lack the cultures to do the work.

The effects spread further!

Crops are still being planted and made to grow with chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers contain about 3
chemicals which grows, hopefully, a huge attractive product. Huge attractive product, a high yield per
acre, means big profits!

Crops grown it soils that are depleted of its minerals grow and mature without any minerals being
present in the produce.

I don't know how many of you have ever compared a home grown vegetable to a commercial product.
But the commercial product has the taste and texture of the container it comes in. The home grown
product taste great and is also good for you!

Farm-fresh Organic Food Delivered to You!

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Page modified 9/17/08
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