How to Successfully Find a Spouse!

First, let me give a brief history of myself.

In 1974, I married Emily LaVonne Watts. We remained husband and wife until
her body would no longer function and she left it.

We had a very successful marriage. I helped her raise our five children who
are all awesome and happy in life! No criminals, no druggies, etc, just very
successful ethical children!

There were a couple successful actions in that marriage:

First, make a commitment. You must be willing to make it go right despite hell
and high water (difficulties)! If you're not, then why start?

Next, is stay in good
communication. A marriage is a created relationship. It
takes a lot of good honest communication to make it work. It's not difficult but
no one can say it is easy either. But I can guarantee that if you cease
communicating, cease being honest, the marriage will not be happy. Marriage
should be a happy relationship!

Once LaVonne left her body, after 33 years together, I found myself without a
partner, best friend, lover and just an incredible source of love and company.

How Long to Wait, How Long to Mourn?

After a while, I decided I was healthy and very active and I should handle
being without a wife.

I started looking but all my friends were married with children, just like I was.

Now I am not telling you to do what I did, but I considered, how do I get in
communication with a lot of potential ladies? The bars just didn't seem to be
the answer and I really didn't have a lot of other sources.

So I went to the
Affinity Exchange where there are many ladies of my religion.
I am an active
Scientologist and have been for 38 years.

I wrote up a descriptive picture, a list of qualities of an ideal spouse for myself,
a list of wanted and not wanted qualities. (I later found out that Mary had
made the same type list.)

Then I set out to find that Ideal Lady.

I sent out hundreds of communications. I talked to dozens of ladies.

I was looking for someone with courage. That meant they must be willing to
communicate and not be so cautious that they appeared to be afraid or hiding.

I wanted to someone who was a
Scientologist or at least very willing to find
out about

I wanted someone who would not be a financial burden, not be ill, not have
huge family problems.

There were other factors as I was a bit picky!

It didn't take long to find this lady.

When I met Mary.

I used all my communication skills to establish and maintain a very strong
communication between us. Strong enough that we developed a lot of affinity,
liking, and basically love for each other.

I was very determined to make this go right as I knew I could and Mary was
more Ideal than I had any right to expect. I doubt that if I had searched for
another 10 years that I could have done as well. She is just perfect for me!

I found that we had a lot of agreement and reality.

I didn't delay but asked her to marry me the first week. Why not?  

It took a little more communication but she agreed and we decided to be
husband and wife about 6/4/07.

On 9/7/2007, we were officially married!

This has been a most successful action on my part.
 See wedding picture!  
Mary and I are happy and there is no reason this will not continue indefinitely!
We have not had a cross word pass between us since we met! Still true,
12/3/08, 2/7/09, 2/12/10!

We were both studying the
Basic Books and Lectures of our religion,
Scientology! (6/19/10 I've completed the basics materials. I am currently
restudying some of the basics and also will studying more advanced

This helps us keep our reality very similar and keeps us up tone and happy!  I
can not recommend highly enough the action of studying
Scientology and
doing it together with your spouse is even better!

This is true.

Happy Husband,


©2008-2014 Carl Watts  090514

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Carl and Mary Watts the evening of our marriage 9/7/07
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