On Thursday, Bob, who was six years old, walked out into the school yard.

Bob had been there many times before as he had been attending there for two years in preschool.

It was the same playground partially covered in asphalt and partially covered in dirt and stones.

Bob was not really part of the in crowd rather he was part of the “stand by yourself group.” It was a small group of children
that really had no friends and were always alone. Bob was the leader of the “no group” group.

The Stone

As he looked at the ground, the only view nobody cared if he looked at, he noticed a particular stone. It was a bit different
and seemed to draw his attention.

Bob slowly bent over and picked up that stone. He stopped looking at it but noticed it felt warm, warmer than the weather
would warrant.

But he couldn’t bring himself to look at it closely.

None the less, his attention was almost fixed on the stone. Once in a while, he would put his hand in his pocked and rub
it. It felt almost pliable, warm and waxy.

Several years went by. Bob kept the stone with him at all times. He slept with it and bathed with it sitting on the edge of
the tub.

Growing Up

As he grew older, his friends expanded by two people, Henry and Jeff. They were a lot like him, lonely and isolated.

By the time he reached high school, girls had become of interest though they were far away and strange. But one girl,
Susan was very cute and also seemed interested in him which was very unusual. No body was ever interested in him. His
mom watched TV around the clock when she was home. His dad, well, he’d never met him but heard he was alive in

The Girl

Susan was so interesting that Bob considered telling her about the stone. He wasn’t thinking of showing it to her since he
hadn’t looked at it up close ever. But sharing that he had it could be nice and it was a new idea. Someone else knowing
about the stone, that would be completely new and never before even considered.

Bob dated Susan through-out high school. He graduated top in his class but refused the Valedictorian award as he
couldn’t face people.

Susan did very well and graduated not far behind Bob. She could face people and still had huge interest in Bob. She too
thought this huge interest in Bob strange but there was attraction and he was cute.

After they graduated, Bob had a scholarship to MIT but was uncertain of going. He didn’t want to leave Susan who was
going to work for her family in their furniture store headquarters.

Taking a Look

Two weeks before he was scheduled to go to MIT, Bob decided it was time to look at the stone. He’d told Susan about it
but had never shown it to her.

Susan was over and they were alone. He told her that he was going to look at the stone. She became excited. Bob’s
eyes were dilated and he was acting excited too.

The lights were bright but the room seemed dim.

Bob pulled the stone out. He had put it in a cloth bag many years ago that had a draw string at the top. Tonight, he
opened the sack and let the smooth stone fall into his hand.

It still had the warmth it had the day he had picked it up.

Slowly, he opened his hand.


Susan looked at the stone and seemed to look into forever.

Bob looked at the beloved stone and he too seemed to enter a timeless dimensionless vastness.

Together they looked and together they moved into the void. The stone was a porthole into the center of existence. From
there they could move anywhere they could think of.

After a timeless period of time, they both resumed their bodies and Bob put the stone away.

It held an addictive pull but both Bob and Susan knew that to give in to it would mean the end of their lives as they knew
life now. They would no longer be connected to what we call life.

Bob and Susan were married and had three children.


Once Sam is old enough and responsible enough, they plan to pass the stone on to him.

Bob and Susan aged and grew old.

They met with Sam, the oldest, and showed him the stone.

Sam was entranced. The guardianship of the stone passed that day to Sam.

The Future

There is so much we don’t know. Perhaps the stone holds the secrets of the universe. Perhaps, Bob and Susan only
needed to look together at something to see everything. Sam never figured it out. He just kept the stone safe and never
looked at it.

It has been said that there is a small bit of all life is in everything, even in solid matter. I’m not sure who said this but I will
say it, there’s life in everything, even if it’s only thought.

A test is to hear the silence between the notes of sound. If you can do that, look far into a stone and see if the universe is
there.  Or put a shovel into the ground and quickly flip the soil and see if there is anything real substance to it.

If you see it, then join the small group of seers….

Blackness, holes, wind-walking are part of man abilities. Homo Sapiens is doomed for failure, as he keeps trying to kill
himself off and will probably succeed one day but Homo Sap is just a starting point…  

Looking beyond Homo  Sap, seeing the holes and blackness, wind-walking can help you rise out of being a sap and into
being more your true self.

I’ll see you on a cloud.

The End.

©2006-2013 by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com edited 093013

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