Fighting Against...

I see so many campaigns to fight problems: fight cancer, fight crime, fight
pollution, fight bullying, hate....

Wars Against

The government calls their campaigns wars: War on Drugs, War on Terror,
War on Poverty
, War Against Cancer...

Let me ask you a question.

Which of the above have solved, even partially, any of the problems?

Not a single one! You can replace the word “single” with some profanity
which was my first thought!

So why is this? A lot of time, energy, money and effort put into these battles.


Have you ever put your hand up against someone else's hand? And then you
both push? That is the example I used with children to demonstrate a
problem. Effort against effort. Pretty simple.

If either person lets their hand drop, there is no longer a problem. A problem
requires two or more opposing forces.

In the first place none of these efforts are truly to handle the problem.

These Problems Exist Because They Are PROFITABLE!

Each of the campaigns are very profitable to cruel and insane profiteers!

It is sort of a rule that what you resist, fight against is what you get. Just like
the hand against hand example, pushing against a problem, keeps the
problem alive!

Let take those seven campaign and see how they could be solved:

Fighting Cancer

The battle against cancer has been going on for years, since 1971, without
any cures. The only thing to come out of “cancer research” is rich
researchers and more drugs. Billions have been spent researching a “cure”.


Their “cures” are lethal, toxic drugs, radiation and surgery! See related
Cures, The Lack of and Why and Cancer Industry Killed my Wife!

Fighting Crime

How long has man combated crime? I don't think you could go back far
enough into time!

The solution to crime is not punishment.

Recall when you were punished for doing something someone else
considered wrong.

Perhaps you became more fearful and didn't make the same mistake.

But I also know that when you made that “mistake” you thought it was the
correct action. I have a related article that goes into this in depth:
You Are

The solution is employment. Of course in a depressed economy, jobs are
scares and crime rises. The tax solution I mentioned above would go a long
way to increase jobs and reducing crime. My comments on Drugs below
would also reduce crime.

Ultimately, the criminals pride needs to be restored. Criminals need honest
communication that doesn't make them wrong. See my article
Solution For.

They need to be understood. See my article
You Are Right.

Would that be enough? I don't know. No one has ever tried! NEVER tried.

The only solution for crime has been punishment or death. Even death
doesn't stop crime.

Fight Pollution or Stop Climate Change formally know as
Global Warming

There is no fight with pollution. Either we pollute or we don't.

Industry is profit motivated. They need to be communicated with. Boycotting
polluters would handle it fast.

These industries would respond to communication. See my article
Governments, Solution For which applies to industry.

Climate change has NOTHING TO DO WITH MAN.

There have been ice ages and warming periods long before the SUV
became available and man's primary energy was a fireplace and candle. The
hype about “climate change” formerly know as “global warming” is profit

Man did not cause the last ice age nor did we warm the planet.

Al Gore paints a false picture, actually he out right lies. Ask his wife! See my
Climate Change.

There's one possible exception, chemtrails or GeoEngineering maybe
damaging the Earth and Sky. There is certainly no war against chemtrails!

Fighting Bullying

This one I find interesting. Like crime, bullying has been around forever. It's
not alright at all.

I've handled this many times before. My solution may not be an absolute but
it works well.

I worked in a private school for 11 years. I was the problem solver. I was very
effective! So here a story and a viewpoint.

A very beautiful 14 year old honor student came to me with a problem. One
of the schools trouble makers was calling her a bitch every time he passed

While she deserved my protection, the better solution was to give her a way
to be in command of the situation.

So I inquired. Since neither I nor her parents or anyone else would always be
around to handle her problems, she needed to know how to handle these
problems herself! Outrageous! Right!

I asked her if she ever did anything to antagonize the bully. Nope! Nothing

I asked her, when you see him coming do you think “asshole” and raise your
nose up a little?

Yep, perhaps not exactly like that but she was dissing him (disrespecting
him). And he knew this. The kid was not stupid nor unobservant!

I suggested she find something to like or admire about him like his
mismatched socks perhaps. But she had to be honest.

I sent her on her way. Three days later, she stopped in. “Carl, it worked!
He's stopped calling me a bitch!” (I later expelled him for something else).

The solution to “bullies” is stronger smarter individuals! I believe that is what
most of us want our kids to be.  

By the way, “bullies” are kids or at least start as kids.. They have all been
mishandled and punished, made to think they are bad. So, yep, they act that
way. Very cruel now, thanks educators and parents!

War on Drugs

Let me first say, I'm against any drug use except in an emergency. See my
Are All DRUGS BAD or Are some GOOD?

The solution to drugs and the related crime is to legalize drugs. In countries
where they are legal, there is less usage than where it is illegal.

The War On Drugs is expensive and very profitable. It justifies large law
enforcement numbers and activities! These are ineffective. The War on
Drugs after many years and billions is an utter failure! On there is one result,
it fills prisons with people that are not dangerous criminals and cost us

War on Terror

This is a non-exist war. What we have is imperialistic aggression and have
misnamed it “war on terror”. It is used to justify suppression of rights, killing
and destruction all for profit!

Pull our boys and girls out of all those foreign lands. Stop creating a horrible
image of America.

Get rid of the Patriot Act, DHS, TSA! There would go your terror!

War on the Poverty.

Eliminate income taxes. Go with a flat tax so that EVERYONE pays when
they spend.

Industry would boom.

People would feel revitalized.

Poverty would be left only with those that don't work! Those that will not work
are criminals who expect something for nothing from government!

Should we let them starve. No!

But they should all lose weight and be very hungry all the time! I'm tired of
financing their drug habits!

Do you think I've made a point about fighting and warring against problems?

Problems are fun. That's why we keep them around. They keep boredom

But they can get out of hand, especially when government and other vested
interest get involved!  

To handle a problem, address the cause. They will resolve. Test me on this

Fight Hate!

This was added 01/08/2013. One of my followers as a lot of attention on
hate. "Hate is alive and active that's why you have poverty, greed and

It's easy. There is no fight unless you create it.

Hate is a lower
tone emotion than anger.

When someone hates, there are insane people who hate, and you detect
this, you ridge up against it. I'll say that a different way, when you encounter
you hate start to hate.

Now there are two of you hating each other and pulling down your family,
friends and humanity. Even your pets suffer when you engage in hate.

You, YOU, need to just let it go.

Put your attention on beauty. Go to the mountains or beach and get some
space. Humanity will survive better because you stopped hating haters!

By the way people don't hate, individuals hate! Nations don't hate,
individuals do and make the entire nation look insane!

See Related article
Crowded Spaces.

Can You Name a Fight Against or War Against I haven't

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