What the Government Does for YOU.

I’m going to quote a person better known than myself. “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”
Words from the inaugural address of President John F. Kennedy, delivered in 1961.

So better, what are we doing to help our country? The Government is not our country, they are a disorganized group trying to run it’s

I’m sure you can agree things should get better. I’m sure you agree a lot of people are doing everything they can to make things better.

I’m also sure you will agree a few people seem to work very hard at messing things up for everyone.

This article is strictly opinion based on observation. Read the list and tell me which ones you agree with.

A. Libraries are good and should be funded by the public. So I guess the government has done well here.

B. Roads and highways are good and should be funded by the users. In general, I believe the Federal government has done a very
good job constructing Freeways. I believe that local governments have done well on constructing local roads.

However, I believe governments are messing up the roads by restricting the flow of traffic. See my article
Traffic Jam by Design.

C. Parks are good. I believe the government has done well there too. I believe that sometimes there are those that put personal
interest in front of the good for the greater public. Sometimes these vested interests are developers and some times they are
environmental zealots.

D. Military, I believe the military is a necessity. I don’t really think the government is doing a good job on that. From what I personally
observed, the pride in the military is generally missing. They are not very efficient and this is not the troops, it is the leaders who have
little grip on reality. Too much of the military is tied up in bureaucracy! And politicians should not be allowed to run military operations.
Their vested interest gets peopled killed by the thousands. So no, the government doesn’t do well with the military. Military should be on
a state level for the most part with the citizens being armed to protect their property and lives.

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E. Education is mediocre . But the education system has declined heavily since Federal Government started pulling the strings via
money. Government should definitely stay out of education. Their attempts to dictate what is taught is not healthy.

F. Health care, Medicare, and the FDA are an excellent reason the government should keep it hands off. Today we have
wholesale abuse of chemicals endorsed by the FDA and foisted off on the American public by advertising and the AMA. The medical
profession drugs symptoms and doesn’t treat illness and never affects a cure. If a person gets well, it’s because he did it despite the
doctors! So no! The government should stay well away from those areas.

I will not expand on but wish to mention: mercury in dental fillings, vaccines, GMO's, fluoride, chemtrail spraying, HAARP, nuclear
radiation. The government, being corrupt and sleeping with the Banksters, are rapidly making earth a sterile ball floating in space.

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G. Fire Departments are good and should be paid by the public. Here, I believe that governments have done very well.

H. Welfare belongs at home and with your church. This is a total screw up by the government. Were the government not taxing every
move and possession we have, we could afford to give more to help our fellow man.

I. Social Security is interesting. If you retire old enough today, you’ll get a little money but not enough to live on. If you wait, the
Social Security Administration says they will give you more money but at the same time, they also are telling you they aren’t going to be
able to fund the system much longer. So no! Security is the responsibility of the individual and the family.

The government has defrauded the public by stealing our money, spending it instead of keeping it in trust! Hence as the government is
bankrupt, so it social security and both will soon collapse.

J. Energy cost. Now this is a good one. The government as allowed virtual monopolies where a few companies that appear to be
separate are really co-owned. Of course, the more the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel goes up, the more taxes are collected by the
governments. There is vast corruption here.

Additionally, the energy industry has suppressed alternate fuel sources. They are criminals committing crimes against mankind, witness
BP and their on going spraying of the Gulf of Mexico with highly toxic chemicals!

K. Police are similar to military. They are run poorly. The bulk of their visible efforts are on collecting revenues, taxes, of one sort or
another. There is far too much time spent harassing the public and far too little time spent on crime. Proof, what percentages of murders
never get solved? How often have you heard of stolen good being recovered and returned to the victim? No, the government doesn’t do
well when they have the ability to use force. See my Comment on the Times article
Police and The Citizen.

I’m afraid that what I see the government doing mostly is messing up. I’d suggest they get rid of 90% of their staff and delegate federal
functions to states and that the states pass these on to the counties.

We have to keep some of the military, police, all of the fire, parks, roads, and libraries. So taxes could then be based on sales tax as
money is spent, no more need for the IRS and its huge enforcement force!

If no welfare, no social security, no FDA and on and on, why a lot of people would be upset but there would be so much more money not
being wasted.

If you agree, why not pass this on to the politicians. Vote against bigger governments.

Vote against almost every bond as it’s going to harm our children and grandchildren. Vote no on all laws restricting commerce.

I guess the big message is get out and vote. There aren’t any really “GOOD” choices but we can try to keep out the obvious idiots!

(I wrote this in 2008 and apparently it was not read as the public voted for "change" and it got change. I hope we survive the pending
invasion of our privacy and rights by the health care police! 5/21/10)

We still have the greatest country in the world but man is a single species worldwide and we need to work together to survive best.

And if you will, tell me how many of the above points you agree with.


In today's world, there are many situations that are less than ideal. We have a few insane people making it that way. See related article:
Conflicts on Earth.

Each of us can do something to improve life on this planet. The very least is to know your right! Visit my page on the
Declaration of Human Right passed by the UN in 1948...click here.

Instead of growling at that other motorist, let it go. Smile at them!

Doing nothing positive is contributing to the massive agreement “nothing can be done about it.”

THAT IS NOT TRUE. I believe something can always be done about it!

My plan, which is doable, follows and is outlined in
New Civilization.

My Plan: New Civilization

I intend for earth and life on it get much better! You may think I'm crazy which says you disagree with me or are willing for the death of
mankind or at least slavery of 99% of us.

You can do something creative, positive or you can moan and be part of the problem.

Your exchange with yourself, your family, mankind and beyond depends on your actions or in actions.

Silent people are part of the problem.

Low toned whining people, shaking in fear, supporting suppressive governments, with their give away programs, are part of the problem.

See my plan:
New Civilization!

So join me and the thousands more that are working to reverse the decline of civilization at the hands of the

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