"Comments On the Times"
Space, Gravity and Infinity

When I was very young and small, I remember a warm summer night in Birmingham, Alabama.  I lived in the city, a several miles from
down town.

There weren’t as many lights on all the time back in the 1955 period of time. At least that’s the way I seem to recall it.

A friend and I were lying on the ground as young boys will do, facing up to the stars.

The stars were small and looked far away but at the same time, they were right there as if I could touch them if I reached out. I suspect
most people have had that feeling. It’s probably because we
can touch the stars, the moon and places far away if we don’t know that we
“aren't able to do that.”

Man has some limited ideas of what can be done and what can’t be done.

Man can’t sail around the earth, he’d fall off.

There are only seven planets because that’s a prime number.

Blood doesn’t circulate around in the body.

Man can’t fly (perhaps only because he doesn't think he can, against "natural" laws).

Man will never be on the moon or the stars.

The Experts

Well, I ask you, “Who says so?”

All the “experts” have been proven wrong over and over again. Most were wrong because they only listened to others and didn’t look.

According to Al Gore, Freon makes holes in the ozone. A false, scam, sold to mankind and now enforced by governments.

The planet is warming because of greenhouse gases. At this time, I have firm reason to believe this is
utterly false and he knows it! His
documentation is severely flawed and many of the "scientists" involved in proving the globe is warming were lying, inventing data,
slanting data.

I’ll give you a challenge about space.

Imagine that you are bigger than the universe, just because you say you are bigger and because you say the universe is only the size of
a watermelon. I’ll bet you get the picture of the universe the size of a watermelon!

When I looked up into that night sky back then, the future was endless to me! It still is!


I’m researching gravity the way any philosopher would. I simply look at it and postulate (causatively thinks about how it works) and the
theories and techniques are slowly coming forth.

I’ve read that many great man spend time alone thinking about things and the answers seem to come to them.

I’m not going to dwell on where the answers come from as that’s another article.

But gravity will “fall” to me or rise as the case may be to my research.

I’m looking for some electronically inclined individuals to help me to put the theories and ideas I have into physical structures and action!

Comments On the Times
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