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Today, I was stuck by the beauty of the sky in Southern California. I've been noticing how grand life is and how wonderful it is to live
where I can do anything I want to do (that's legal)!

    I also thought back to several recent training sessions I enjoyed at my part time
    business. At these sessions, there are many people of tremendously diverse
    backgrounds and they get along great!

    They come from many different areas of this small planet and reflect many cultures.
    There are some really tragic and harsh background stories there in this group. But
    yet we still get along great!

    We have some things in common.

    We all are trying to help ourselves in learning how to help others. (We help people
    learn to save and educate them about finances!)

    We all care for the welfare of others.

    We all speak some English.

We are all seeking to achieve our hope and dreams!

We are all enjoying the fantastic opportunity available in America!

Of course, this brings up a heated subject, immigration. It brings up all the people that failed to properly follow the laws to get into this
land of opportunity correctly. Merely by not following the laws, they become criminal and not Americans.


So, I would like to give an opinion and why I have this opinion.

First, I do not agree with breaking any laws. However, I don't have a lot of respect for laws that are oppressive, written to protect special
interest and not based on the overall good for all.

So, here is what I would suggest.

First, that everyone in America should be required to obtain citizenship or be sent home.

Citizenship should be granted to people that are not criminal.  Hence a background check should be done. This should not be super
arduously conducted as the really clever criminals always get by anyway. And I don't want to over empower minor officials!

Next, they all should be required to speak some level of English. English should be the official language.

From my perspective, we should pressure Canada and Mexico to require the study of English.

One thing that helps in all situations is communication. It is difficult to communicate with people of different languages.

If we can communicate, friendship can and will occur. If we can’t communicate, little real friendship will happen.

Upset between friends usually resolves easily. Upset between people who don’t communicate leads to war and prejudice.

require a common language. If you can not speak some English, you are not an American. Please learn our language.

Give the people here illegally, a short time to qualify: pass a background check and learn English. Deport the rest.

Our country was founded on opportunity for all. No one was excluded. We are healthy and strong. No force on earth will do us in, except

We don’t have anything to fear from people from other lands. We
do have a lot to fear from being prejudiced ourselves, worrying
about our job, etc.

Letting the politicians decide to exclude the rest of the world from
America is not smart. That would be limiting the natural resources  
of our nation. Our best natural resource is our people.

Ambitious newcomers, the same stock our nations was founded
upon, coming into our great nation can not but help us be

America is the best nation on Earth. We have the best Constitution.
I’m worried about our government and our future.



Help me help our great nation. Lay aside your prejudice and look at
the facts. Don’t ask others, look and decide for yourself! Step up
and let’s make America even greater!   

All races, religions, etc, should be welcomed to America as long
as you arrive legally and speak American!

God Bless America!

Comments On the Times
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