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This page takes you to the articles written to get you to think and hopefully bring about some positive changes!

Insults or Upsetting Communication

How to Correct

Conflicts on Earth


"FEAR" or Other's Emotions  

Protected Tweets* or Restricting Your Life

Twitter Profiles


How to Get Cooperation

The Constitution: What is America?

Caring For Someone: Relationships

The Importance of YOU

A Reflection

War or Affinity?

Comment on Opinions

Government (quotes by famous men)!

Parking Enforcement Personnel/Criminals

Responsibility for Children

Is the Economy as Bad As It is Being Reported

Life Amongst Mortals.

Comment on How will You Stand?

Comment on Who is Moloch Today?

Comment on "Stop a Recession in it Tracks
by Christine Kane

Comment on the killing of evolution!

Comment on "Who is Running Your Life?"

Links to FDA Crimes

Comment on Caffeine

Comment on "World Peace" By Robert Hawkins

Comment on "Money, Energy Crisis and Gravity"

Comment on Science "The Big Leak Theory"

Comment on "What the Governments Does for You".

Comment on "Contributing Factors to America's Physical Decline"

Comment on "Buyer Beware"

Comment on "Traffic Jams by Design"

Comment on "The Police and the Citizen"

Comment on "The Police and theCitizen Second Edition".

Comment on The Police and the Citizen, Fourth of July, 2008

Comment on "The Citizen and The Police, Good News"

Comment on "Parking in Glendale, California"

Comment on "No Skateboards, Responsibility".

Comment on "Opportunity and Immigration"

Comment on "Climate Change" formerly known as "Global Warming"

Comment on "Fish versus Financial Security"

Comment on "Helping and Caring"

Comment on "Space, Gravity and Infinity".

Comment on "Pressure, Heat and Atomic Theory".

Comment on "Ode to a Coffee Bean"  

Comment on a great product "Homelife®"

Solutions: State of the World

America-What is Good?

Thanksgiving Hope!

Cops: Unfriendly Activities.

How YOU can easily help the Police and our Nation and beyond...

Police and Revenue. Why?

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Guest Articles:
Comment on Civil Right or Civil Righteousness by Carlos Alien

Comment on Prop 8 by Carlos Alien

Death of Tourism by Carlos Alien

AlignLife is a great source of data regarding health, anti-drugs anti-FDA and is, in my opinion, doing the best he can to help
Americans. Sign up for their newsletter!

Brasscheck TV

Thomas Jefferson

Reform Site

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