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Recently, I’ve done a bit of thinking (some might say this is dangerous). But I realized a few things.

Today, I heard a man state “the wealthy expect you to work for them.” This would indicate that they aren’t grateful when you help them.

I do not believe this is fully true. Most generalities aren’t true as people are different from each other.

But I do believe there are some people that operate with the viewpoint only of “what can they gain from other’s efforts” with no regard for
the contributing person.

I recently took employment with a firm. I will not give names or professions but I believe I can make my point clear.

I was hired at a rate which you would hire any new person off the street. When I was in construction, I hired uneducated, unskilled labors
for the exact same hourly rate.

Now the reason I accepted this ridiculously low hourly pay was because of the potential of commission.

I have worked in this field in the past for 21 years and have the best statistics of anyone I have ever met or heard of. I am a professional
in this field.

It was pointed out to me that the industry has changed since I last worked in it about 15 years ago. But the basic procedures have not
changed. Handling people has not changed. The laws are basically the same. A few minor points have changed.

A major point that has changed is
greed. I’ll be a bit more specific. The person managing and apparently in charge of the hiring is
greedy and has oppressive views. I’ve worked for several companies in the past in this industry and never been in such an oppressive
and greedy environment.


An error I made was trusting that the offer was generous when in fact, no one in that office was making any money to speak of doing the
same job I was doing.

The person I was working directly for made it clear I was working for him. Of course he did not have any skill doing the job I was hired for
and had never made a living doing that job.

When I feel I am only being used, I do not like it. When the person that I “work for” appears to not care how I do, I do not like it. And in hind
sight, I know his view point was only to use his personal and get the most from them without regard for their efforts or adequate

When I pointed out that most of the people doing what I was hired to do, didn’t know how to do it, I was asked to review some “canned”
training. This training was not appropriate for the job. It was
ineffective. I communicated this.

The response was that he
was going to have the employees train on this ineffective material.

Now in America, it’s free enterprise. Making money off other’s efforts is a huge part of our economic system.

However, when the structure is set up so that the people at the bottom are almost guaranteed to stay at the bottom and can be replaced
with ease, it ceases to be an economic system and instead becomes a suppressive structure.

Who Cares?

Now, if you’re the one making the money, you think “who cares?”

I’ll answer that for you. You should be caring!

Our world is not doing well overall today.

The government is tightening its reins daily. Taxes keep going up. Energy prices keep going up.

I don’t think it will come to it but the French had a method of handling this imbalance! Every so often the peasants would rise up and kill
off all the aristocracy!

Today, the ranks of poverty are growing. In some circumstances, such as the LA riots, the police demonstrated an unwillingness or an
inability to handle a rioting community.

Credit card debt is at an all time staggering height. Social Security is now known as social insecurity and is vanishing.


Personally, I want to see every person around me grow and survive better and better.

Hence, after two months I took another job paying 50% more for a position I’ve never handled at all.

The people that hired me, in this new position, want me to create and organize. They have also offered me a commission incentive.

While I am still working for someone else, they appear to care how I do and want to see me succeed.

If things do not start getting better then today’s children will not have a safe world to grow up in. They will not have an atmosphere of
peace and prosperity to strive for betterment of themselves and their children and future generations.

The moral of this story is that we do not live alone and we are all responsible for the survival of our fellow man.  So don’t think this does
not involve you, it’s your future.

Carl Watts

Comments On the Times
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