"Climate Change" formerly known as "Global Warming"

This has been said several times before and many times by people with a lot to scientific knowledge.

I just gathered a few facts and would invite you to look at them.

Also, gases like Freon are a by-product of volcanic action. And from what I researched, the volcanoes produce much more of
these type gases than man has produced! (Volcano's do also emit CO2!)

Apparently, Al Gore sold us a load of
garbage! (Imagine a scene of a load of garbage!)

Now, I’m not saying the planet isn't warming. I just doubt anything the media tells us about it is true. And scientist can be paid to
say just about anything.

I do see people making money selling the more expensive Freon substitutes.

I do see Global Warming as an excuse to pass laws that restrict industries, making things more expensive.

A lot of scientists, needing research funds, might make things seen worse than they are, scary. They feed the media lies.

I invite you to research “
The Little Ice Age”. It would appear during that period that the earthlings were being too effective in
keeping the planet cool. Then it started warming back up. At this point, I suspect the local governments all agreed to ban fire
unless government authorized and government sold fuels were used!

Today, we see restrictions on fuels and emissions resulting on higher cost.

This is not to say we not need to clean up the air and water!

Changes are happening but not like the media says!

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Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride...How To Survive!
Have you ever heard of an ice age? Where did it

Apparently, the last one was about 10,000 years

go (estimate). Glaciers were all over the place
and yet today, the ice only covers the poles of our
planet and a few other areas.

So evidently, the planet must have warmed up.
That could have been called “Global Warming” eh?

Now there’s been talk that holes in the Ozone have
contributed to “Global Warming.” The gas, Freon,
was said to be causing these holes!

As best as I’ve been able to determine, holes were
occurring long before Freon was around. Also,
Freon is a heavy gas! It's four to six times as dense
as air. That means it’s heavier than air. It doesn’t
Now I’m not saying the petroleum industry is making money off us.  See
by Dr Mercola!

Also to help save money and reduce pollutions, please check out

The moral to this story is: don’t just listen to the news, the politicians or
even the scientist. Research issues for your self! The internet is available
for everyone and the things I mention above are documented thoroughly by
many sites!

We also need to
protect the internet to keep it free because if the
governments ever starts to control it, we lose your freedom of information
and only get what they want

us to get, see, read!

Since I mention this, you need to see that factually, the globe is COOLING!
See this site:

Apparently temperatures have dropped over the last year and if that
continues we’re going to be in trouble.
Meteorological Association has somewhat ruefully weighed in to agree with what climate researchers have been saying all year:
global temperatures have indeed dropped, and are expected to continue to do so throughout most of 2008. The cool spell
means global temperatures have been on the decline for a full ten years, since early 1998."

10/9/08 Update. See this article "
Arctic Sees Massive Gain in Ice Coverage!" I wonder exactly how Al Gore is making money off
of global warming or is it just a distraction from the huge financial mess and energy crisis we are facing thanks to the fed and

the other Washington criminals!

2/23/09 See the lates about the government fraud:
The Great Shaman Shamboozle

3/15/09 Recently there was a meeting of 800 scientist who do not believe there is any global warming. See the 2009
International Conference on Climate change. "'Global Warming' Was there ever a crisis?" Go to this site and take you pick of
honest men's viewpoints. They aren't being paid to say this. They aren't part of the government or the other vested

"This Is What The CO2, Climate Change Scam Is All About - Gee What A Surprise. Rothschild To Take Lead In Carbon
Credit Trading." Click to see the article

The Global Warming Scam. See where it all started and how it's a scam!

4/1/09 The Cato Institute [The Climate Scam] Mr President, we disagree.
Check it out!

11/20/09 Telegraph.co.uk Climategate: the final nail in the coffin.
Click to view! (Emails of Sci leaked where they doubt their own
data indicating fraud)

Cost of Warming Fraud Comes Clear from RightSideNews.com...read more!

The great global warming collapse from The Globe and Mail...read more!

Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels Guardian.co.uk ...read more!

Senator Calls For “Criminal” Global Warming Investigation

12/28/10 Global Warming Skeptic Piers Corbyn Predicts Brutal Winter, Warns "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet".

Global warming fraud: Iconic polar bear on melting ice cap a hoax!

No Need to Panic About Global Warming
"There's no compelling scientific argument for drastic action to 'decarbonize' the world's economy."

Global warming debunked: NASA report verifies carbon dioxide actually cools atmosphere.

8/19/16 While the world debates global warming, solar physicist warns of coming Ice Age

2017 Hurricanes

It seems that this form of "climate change" should be mentioned especially as most of us do not recall the past well.

Man has weather modification. The elites of this planet feel there are
too many people (not just my opinion or a conspiracy
theory.) I invite you to read:

Puerto Rico DIRECT HIT by Hurricane Maria… interview with Dane Wigington reveals “weather weaponization” may
be the culprit

There have been many, many more articles and proof, that make my points.

Learn more.

Increase your own knowledge.
Please do some research beyond listening to fake news media! With knowledge, you gain
certainty, control, responsibility and security.

Look don't listen. The media lies. The government lies far too often. Scientist lie for money. (I can prove this if you need proof)

And enjoy the beach! It's a bit cool there and there's snow on the mountains. Apparently global warming is freezing the hell out
of a lot of areas!

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