Glendale Parking

    This is a new column that I am starting out of dissatisfaction with
    the culture and in an attempt to inject some new ideas!

    I got the idea from this sign:
    What the parking enforcement, revenuers do, is go down the street
    and note the license plates and if you’re in the block more than two
    hours, you get a ticket!

    Now personally, over the years, I have received three parking

    Not trusting the competence of the city, I always mailed my
    payments in promptly and sent them certified mail, return receipt

    Each time, after my check cleared, I received a notice stating that if
    I didn’t pay the ticket, the fine would double.

    I always responded in writing as I felt this was attempted extortion.
    I never received any response from the city.

    The city of Glendale, California, is greedy on their parking revenue
    to the point of restricting business and, in my opinion, creating a
    bad public relationship with the citizens of Southern California.

    This type of greed makes Glendale seem unfriendly to people that
    don’t think about using a parking structure or can’t afford to use a
    parking structures. Or to those of us who simply mess up on how
    long we park or where. I don’t consider myself a criminal which is
    how I’d be treated should I fail to pay the ticket!

       4/14/08 I had to edit this to add the comments of a reader about an experience he had in Glendale.

    "I was fined for parking outside my own house and I had a permit. My crime? Not displaying it!"

Now personally, I can just see them hovering around and around the block, hunched over their stirring wheel, ever
alert looking for someone to slip up! It seemed to be almost forever then, "Ah Ha, it's been months and he finally
forgot to display his permit." Several parking enforcement vultures descended rapidly and after a brief struggle, one
proud vulture wrote the ticket. They all flew or drove away saying "Ha, Ha, Ha, money in the bank!"

On top of the parking greed, as I walked to my local (international) coffee shop, I noticed two
Glendale police cars
parked near by. Both the vehicles were still running, the engines idling.

When I returned, after having purchasing my coffee, the cars were still there and the engines were still idling.

Now, as I look at things and this is all about how I see it, the idling engines were wasting gasoline that cost over three
dollars per gallon! “Tax payer’s money going up in smoke” is a phrase I have heard before.

Of course there is probably a “quick response” policy that required them to “keep the motor running Joe!” So I will not
harp on the waste of tax money, the citizens’ money.

So, having voiced my dissatisfactions let me get to the new ideas.

First the simple on, turn off the cars while you are on break! That’s easy.

When I crank my engine, it starts is a second or less. I’d suspect it takes longer to find your keys than to crank the

The next point requires a “leap of intuition” and so this will never happen.

I would propose that the great city of Glendale, remove all the parking meters near Brand and Colorado. Ideally, the
city should remove all the meters from the entire city. Now of course, this would just allow more shoppers to come to

The city could use this as a major public relations advertising campaign! They could make Glendale the friendly city
(that isn’t blood thirsty for parking ticket revenue)!

    The incease in shopping and business revenue should increase city
    taxes thus off setting the loss of parking meter and parking ticket
    revenue. The removal of the meters would also free up personnel from
    the thankless job of stalking motorists who park on the streets for too
    long. Of course they could retire the numerous vehicles, all the
    maintenance of those vehicles, and all the attending cost.

    Any positive, forward thinking, ideas will be met with resistance.
    Politicians don’t want much change as someone may notice they aren’t
    doing anything.

    So I would challenge the leaders of Glendale to look to a future with
    less suppression on the parking situation and injecting more life into the
    shopping and business transactions of the great city of Glendale.

I like the city of Glendale but I don’t like the viperous parking regulations!

Wishing Glendale a better life and fewer hungry vultures to feed.

Carl Watts

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Glendale, CA. Fine example of lack of friendliness and a serious attempt by the city to collect revenue off unsuspecting shopers.
a parking enforcement and a squad car, empty. The engines on both vehicles were left running while the officers took long breaks
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