Contributing Factors to America's Physical

I wanted to point out the obvious in a very serious situation that is ignored by most,
until they or someone they love one is dead.

Exercise or rather the lack of it!

Lack of motion kills people.

No scientific words will be used here if I can avoid it as I want this to communicate.

Television and Video Games

Everyone knows that if you don’t move about, you get fat unless you starve your body. I
almost never see people watching TV starving. Actually, they usually appear to be
stuffed and pushing more carbos into their mouths washing it down with beer!

Have you ever seen this? I thought so.

How about your children, in a trance from doing
computer activities? Have you
noticed they seem disconnected from the physical universe? They are and they are
getting fat! Add to this Fructose that's in everything....Food is packaged toxins
flavored to taste "good".

The Beloved Automobile

Next is the automobile! We all love them. I am very fond of mine!

There’s a song, popular recently, that “no one walks in LA.” Well “no one” isn’t
accurate, but it’s close enough to be a fact.

Very few people walk to the store, walk to school, walk much of anywhere!

If you are one of the people out jogging or walking, taking a stroll along the street, I
don’t mean to group you with the mass of automated people!

On Doctors Advice

My mother-in-law, when she was alive, was a great woman. Many years before her
death, I recommended she take some simple vitamins and go for walks. She took this

She was cheerful and doing very well. She seemed to move freer and faster than she
had for years. Now, you realize this is just my observation and of course "nothing" will
help someone in their early 80’s. Well, damn that viewpoint, a few supplements and
exercise and she was happier and healthier!

Later, she told me her doctor recommended she starve herself (stop taking in the
nutrients that she was not getting in her foods, the vitamins) and that she should not go
for walks as the hills were dangerous and she could fall.

And fall she did. She fell prey to the medical community and died pretty soon there

The medical community treats symptoms by using poisons, drugs, to mask the
symptoms. It’s like if the smoke detector is going off because of a fire, throw it away.
There will be silence…likely forever.

By the way, there are much better solutions! See my observations which I am not
being compensated for
expressing in any way.

One more “rolling” step towards death

Have you noticed the increased number of overweight people riding in their little
motorized carts?

I actually think this is a good idea for a few people that have already declined too far
in life to move about much.

But to see the grossly overweight, riding about, is sad. They are rolling faster and
faster to death.

You see, the lymph (drainage) system which the body uses to remove garbage from
the system depends completely on muscle movement, exercise.

Sitting in front of a TV, riding across the house, in the grocery store, these things will
guarantee a quick death!

I’d love to be proven wrong! But mechanized American will start dying younger and
younger. If you read this, written 04/08/2008, remember it and let me know if I’m
wrong. 6/5/10 update. I'm not wrong. More right than ever!

If you see any truth, the solution is simple. Reverse even a little bit each of the above
points. Don’t take drugs at all.

Find out what nutrition your body needs to be healthy. Click on my observations for

how to do this

Final Comment

When I am around an elevator or escalator, I take the stairs. This is me commanding
the body instead of letting it command me. As long as I stay in command, the body
does MUCH better.
Try it.

I invite comments.

Carl Watts

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