For some time, I have been going to course to study on Sunday from 1 to 6 pm.

I always go to bed a bit earlier and never drink anything alcoholic Saturdays. I want to be sharp (and it's against the rules).

Several Sunday mornings, I have been awakened by what seemed a very tense neck and pains which pretty much were a headache.

Usually after a shower and breakfast, I'm all better and off to study with no problems.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, on Saturday afternoon, I felt a better of a stiff neck and the beginning of a headache. So I decided to
take a nap.

I slept for a few hours and woke up and things were worse. I spent a rough night in pain.

Sunday morning, I had my wife get me in to see a chiropractor. I figured I was just out of alignment and suffering from in.

True, I was out of alignment and with the doctor's help, I was okay to study.

The next Sunday morning, I was feeling stiff and head achy again.

This was a bit of a mystery as I normally don't have frequent problems and certainly not problems that last more than a few minutes.

Some where I realized that my morning coffee was making me feel better!

I reviewed my weekend routine and it has been going like this. Saturday morning, I have coffee on my way to the World Financial Group
meeting. I usually come home after that and get busy.

This is a variation from my week day routine. During the week, I'd have a coffee on the day to work and another at lunch. Then when I was
going to study, I'd have another one yet. I like strong coffee!

So I realized I was having caffeine withdrawal symptoms!

I decided that my body was not going to run my life. So I immediately started cutting way back on coffee. Of course it's been painful but
not as bad as that Memorial Day afternoon and night.

I'm down to a small cup in the morning and plan to go to decaf. I still like coffee but I will not let a drug or my body tell me I have to have
something or else I will suffer.

This brings up another point. For sometime, I have been trying to increase my abilities as an individual. I have been studying for a long
time. Recently, I have tremendously increased the amount of time I am studying.

I also so have reduced the amount of beer I drink to some on Friday night only. I figure that it is a lot like the caffeine. It's something my
body thinks it has to have. The fact I like beer, I like coffee too, has always made it difficult for me to give up either.

Well, something is changing as I am pretty well off both.

My reason is simple, I am in charge of my body and I am not willing for it to tell me what to do. Yes, I need to eat but that is a normal
requirement for life. Alcohol and caffeine are not requirements for life and they alter the nervous system and awareness to a marked

May I suggest you follow my lead and clean up habits of your own which you may know aren't the best for your survival.


"People who take drugs do not always see the real world in front of them. They are not really there. On a highway, in casual contact, in a
home, they can be very dangerous to you. People mistakenly believe they "feel better" or "act better" or are "only happy" when on drugs.
This is just another delusion. Sooner or later the drugs will destroy them physically. Discourage people from taking drugs. When they are
doing so, encourage them to seek help in getting off of them." From
The Way to Happiness

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