Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge Warranties

I happily purchased a 2005 Dodge Magnum. The car handles exceedingly well and has more than ample power.

I highly recommend it on that basis, but wait there's more.

Chrysler is promoting a lifetime warranty. Here, I say, "Buyer Beware!"

Let me explain why I say this.

When I purchased my vehicle, I am certain I was given a huge wad of papers with extremely small fine print. Of course, because of all the
"laws," the data has to be given in this fashion. I question this, but I am not saying anything improper has been done by Dodge or

I purchased a car with a full 36,000 mile warranty and a 70,000 mile limited warranty on the powertrain. Now I knew this was limited to the

However in my ignorance, I didn't know how
limited this "warranty" was!

Let me give you the history of my service with Chrysler/Dodge on my beautiful Magnum at the hands of Murphy & Shelby Dodge, Inc.
located in San Fernando, CA. (Update, they are no longer a Chrysler/Dodge dealership but that doesn't excuse Chrysler/Dodge for the
crappy quality.)

In Feb, 2008, I took the vehicle in as the
transmission was slipping and coming out of gear. It also had a shuttering feeling when
turning at low speeds such as parking.

The car was "repaired by servicing the transmission" at a cost of $297.00 and deemed all fixed. (This was before the 36,000 mile
warranty expired.)
A little extra data, the transmission is sealed, meaning I can't check the fluid level. The manual recommends changing the fluid at
60,000 miles.

So a week later, I picked up the car and it still shuttered and had some slip in it.

Before I drove off, the service manager had a mechanic drive it and the mechanic looked at it. It needed new front axles.

I brought the vehicle back in the following Monday. It was there for a full week as I couldn't afford to take off work nor did I have someone
to drive me out to pick it up during the week.

I kept the vehicle for a week as I needed a car and someone to give me a ride home.

The next Saturday, I took it back in and they
replaced the axles. I picked it up after the week and it still shuttered and still had some
"slip" in it. Also, after the last visit, the plastic cowl under the axles/transmission was left hanging down, only partially attached. It was not
this way when I took it in. I emailed Chrysler about the problem on 2/23/08.

I took the car back on Monday to be further "fixed."

This time, when I picked it up, they had
replaced bearing in the transmission, on the other end of the axles, and graciously gave me
new bolts to
re-attach the cowl without charge for the bolts they failed to put back.

I paid my $100.00 deductible. Funny, I have never heard of a deductible on a warranty for any vehicle I've ever purchased, but as the
consumer, I should have read the 10 volume set of fine print rules.

I picked the car up Friday evening with great difficulty as I had a long way to drive to get there in time. The vehicle still had some slack or
slip in the drive train and the vehicle also developed a loud knocking sound in the right wheel area. This was a new sound, brand new.

So, on Monday evening, I took it back again and had my service representative go for a drive with me so he could hear the noise and
feel the slip. He did this and acknowledged both

I was requested to come and pick up the car again in the middle of my convention on Thursday, 3/6/08. My wife and I drove from
downtown LA to San Fernando. The car still had a slip in it. I refused to accept it as it was not fixed.

On 3/6/08, I called Chrysler. I was told the dealer said there was no slip in the transmission. I disagreed. I called the dealership and
talked to the service manage, Mike. I told him there was something wrong as there was a slip or pause before power was transferred.
He said he'd look into it. I talked to him later and was informed I had a
broken motor mount and the bushings in the drive shaft were
worn and needed replacing. They wanted $1594.00 as none of this was covered by warranty. I talked to Chrysler, same story, tough no
warranty. Now, everyone was polite and as a consumer, I should have known this. Right?

So the moral of this story is that Chrysler lifetime warranty, or the 70,000
limited powertrain warranty,  is exactly what it says and nothing
more! Don't assume anything more! It's
limited and I have no idea how limited the new "lifetime warranty" is. Just beware!

As a consumer, don't think it's business as usual. It is not. New loop holes are in place so the "lifetime" warranty is severely
limited and
there are common drive train parts that
are not covered. Additionally, if the motor is not held down, by the motor mounts, there is no
transfer of energy, so of course no problems with the "powertrain". A powertrain or drive train is the portion of the vehicle that
accomplishes the transfer of power from the engine to the wheels and every part needed to do this, Carl's opinion.
I must be wrong
according to the dealership and Chrysler.

I hope I have stated this accurately, dates on the paper from the dealership aren't easy for me to figure out, as I do not want to
misrepresent my failure to understand the "stated" rules nor do I wish to give any positive recommendation to Chrysler.

I will never use that dealership again. They failed to handle the problem on the first, second or third visit. On the fourth visit, they said
there was nothing wrong but when I refused take the vehicle home, they, upon reinspecting the vehicle, determined there were problems
remaining. (6/5/10 the Shelby Dodge dealership is no longer a Dodge dealership. I don't know if they are still in business since Chrysler
got all its government bail out money and then went bankrupt!)

Had I not been somewhat awake and insisted there was a problem I would not have had a correct estimate of the actual remaining

The dealer's mechanic failed to properly attach the cowl. If there were bolts missing, the
mechanic failed to put them back as it was
not hanging down when it went in. I know this as I could hear it dragging the road when stopping or cornering. They failed to tighten bolts
that held something together in the front right wheel area  (my opinion based on the scary noise developed after they worked on the
vehicle). The service manager stated it was loose bolts. (6/5/10 update: the lose noise was and still is worn out bushings. These should
have been fixed.......)

I will probably never, never purchase another Chrysler vehicle.

That's my recommendation, Buyer Beware and watch out for the "warranty" as it may not cover what you think and may still cost you
money and huge amounts of time.

Write me for more specifics as this isn't the only Dodge I've owned, just the only one I'm writing about now.

If you have difficulty reading these "legal documents" or warranties, let me refer you to PrePaid Legal to give you affordable assistance.

6/5/10 I still have attention on my transmission not working properly. As I stated above, I'll probably never buy another Chrysler vehicle.

Eventually, I replaced both motor mounts, the transmission mount,
both front lower control arms. All points where rubber meets metal and
in each case the rubber disintegrated. This is a clear example of a low
quality material in an expensive "Sports Utility Vehicle!"

Contact Carl, Click here!
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