Civil Rights or Civil Righteousness?

Los Angeles, at one point about 2008, I observed a HUGE expenditure of public funds
because the “gays” and “lesbians,” (
a small minority of the population) wanted to prot
est the voting results.

This was the results where the majority of the people, in the great state of California, voted
against homosexual marriages.

There were hundreds of police officers on street corners and dozens of police cars. The cost
to have the officers present to protect the protesters was huge. It was the weekend and I’m
sure most of the officers should have been at home with their families.

I wonder who is going to pay for this huge expense? I guess you and I will. Or maybe the
children when they divert money from education to pay for the police to come out and protect
these protesters. Perhaps we can ask the protesters to pay the bill for their tantrum.

Next, I want to mention the traffic problems caused by this civil righteousness. It can’t be civil
right as the word civil means normal polite social intercourse or not lack in common courtesy.
How is it civil to block traffic; to force officers to stand by for their protection at the expense
of the majority who voted against their cause?

How is it civil to fail to consider the bad effects a protest is causing?

In the first place, the protest was like a child whining about not winning. It was pretty
pathetic! Grown men and women should not whine about losing at an election where the
majority rules. This is America isn’t it?

I don’t give a…. about their sexual preferences. They aren’t normal. I don’t expect them to
act like they are. I do expect them to not cause problems for the rest of us! It’s not polite.

Will they ever be equal? No! Unless the rest of society is forced to degrade to their level.

Will they ever be accepted? No! Unless the rest of society is forced into apathy; and no one
cares about anything in apathy.

Once society thinks the unnatural union of a man with a man or a woman with a woman is
acceptable, the race will be going down the drain. It will be too late for man as there will be
no children, no future.

In most of the world, we no longer have a population exploding; we have shrinkage as
couples are having fewer children per family. You don’t believe it, search
populations or just click on the link.

It is a bad thing especially since, even with “modern medicine” which has a drug for every
symptom, man is not healthier even if he is said to be living longer. Personally I don’t believe
man is living longer. Look at
Obesity, Cancer, Heart attacks, Drug sales that produce the
walking dead. Man is dying earlier!

Women are having a more difficult time
conceiving and carrying the child. And they want
homosexual marriages!

If their goal is to see mankind die, just so they don’t die alone, which they will with little or no
family with them, I guess they have a civil righteousness to take the rest of society with them.

I happen to disagree with them severely.

I know they are doing what they feel is right, the very best they can.

They need to stop feeling and start to look around at the world around them, their lives, their
futures and all our futures!

Carlos Alien
Not gay, not lesbian, not a homophobic (whatever that is), not homo anything!
(Carlos can be reached by sending comments to this website.)

See his first article Prop 8

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