Who is Moloch Today?

When looked up in the dictionary, each dictionary seems to have a slightly different definition and several
different spellings. So my take on Moloch is an evil god that children were sacrificed to by burning. Pretty
gruesome and grim!

So who would be today’s “Moloch?”

Would it be the FDA that licenses drugging of children or at the very least, doesn’t look while it’s
happening? Perhaps because all their staff also works for the drug companies they are supposed to be
safeguarding American citizens from harm, a conflict of interest. No its call the revolving door! It is a nice
term for criminal conspiracy that’s killing thousands of people daily!

Would it be the drug companies that rake in hundreds billions using drugs that do not work and have
devastating side effects? These drugs are often used on children even infants! What testing did they
have on infants? I am not aware of any. So today’s children are the guinea pigs! Factually, all the psyche
drugs are being tested on the public at large, not in the lab or clinic! They don’t know this! It’s been said
that prescription drugs kill more than street drugs. I believe it!

Could it be that Moloch is the doctors who are trained and bribed by the drug companies? The psyches
that know drugs are harmful but and are intent on pushing a drug to control every man or woman for
every emotion or motion man has?

Could it be the chemical company that is poisoning the crops and offering genetically altered foods?

Could it be the government that is sacrificing the financial future of the children of America by giving
money they don’t have to criminal organizations who have pocketed billions of dollars?

The list goes on. You might want to click on
Making a Killing....

I believe they all qualify! Personally, I vote for the FDA because they are disguised as an agency with the
purpose of protecting us from the other Moloch’s of the land!

I believe that if we must exert pressure on Washington and our Senators and Representatives (All
Moloch want-a-be’s) to do the right thing!

Stop listening to the news. They lie. They will lie for whoever pays them! How can you tell when a
politician is lying, their lips are moving!

You must research things yourself! Not one website. Not your drunk uncle. Not your preacher. How
would they know?

Do your own research or check with me but don’t trust me. Trust the government; you know they will take
care of you, NOT!

Well, I hope I’ve scared the "you know what" out of you!

Life in these United States is better than in any other place in the world but there are many forces, like
the Federal Reserve, that are trying to pull everyone down hoping they can gouge another dime out of us
as the country goes down the drain.

Do I know all the answers, no. But ask and I’ll try to find answers that are prosurvival for me, you, your
family, community and mankind.

Better yet, do the above, research it. Ask me and then research it!

We must work together to create a better future for our children and grandchildren.


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page created 11/13/08
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