Hence this site:

I have come to realize there are many artists producing wonderful work! But they don't have communication lines to
make it known and do not have an outlet. This slows and sometimes stops the art.

I'd like to set it up so that anyone with art can get it Posted on my website and promoted. There is no charge for this.

Naturally, you would ask why and what's in it for me. Simple! You know people and have communication lines I don't have.

The following is no longer applicable as I rarely do newsletters. My promotion is done via social networks and visitors to my
    "So the exchange would be you providing a list of people (their email addresses) that you know that you would like to
    promote to. This is not a requirement, but would be nice. These would be your friends, family and business contacts. I would
    add them to my list and they would See your art, mine and others if they choose to look. I would of course consult their
    willingness to receive e-mails and remove their names if asked."

If you already have a website, I would be happy to link my site to yours and hope you’d be willing to do the same for me. You
could still provide me work to post on my site and have it linked back to your site for people to see additional works by you,

I'll still post your work or link! It helps to get new addresses!

All you need to do is provide photos and text and I'll set it up. If you are an actor, get me some footage or head shots. If you
are a singer, get me a sound tract. If you are a writer, get me some text. If you do plants or pools or furniture, anything, get
me pictures and data to communicate.

I will get your advance approval of any text, pictures, etc, that I propose to put on the Internet before promoting it or show it
to others. You can have it removed at any time or changed at anytime. You can ask me to remove anyone email address. I
promise to not pass your email list on to others.  I use blind addressing.  Names and addresses on blind list are not
displayed. I also have the phrase on all my emails that says to be removed, just return email with remove in subject. I do this
without question or comment. I'll work with you to keep everyone happy.

The first promotion would be an introductory communication explaining what we are doing.

This offer is open to anyone. This would be open to you, your family, friends and their family and friends and on out
as long as I can keep up with it. Pass this data on to anyone and let them take part.

I do reserve the right to not display something I personally consider offensive or not of the quantity of data or image
or for any reason it is not acceptable to me, etc, since this is a free service.

6/27/06 addition: I will send all introduction email to the artist prior to mailing to their list and get their approval.
Prior to sending the approved email, the artist agrees to inspect what I have Posted and check for errors or poor
grammar, etc and to test all links and email addresses to ensure they function. This will help me increase my
professionalism. Your help is appreciated.

I enjoy art. I enjoy the effects it creates. So join me and lets build a better world through your good works and beauty.
Contact me!  

3/8/08 I have decided to do what I can to help inventors and scientist create a new future. I am willing to post theories,
papers, invention ideas, etc. Anything which may benefit man in is quest of survival against the physical universe is
welcome on my site.

Contact me!  


Carl Watts
Tujunga, CA
Plan edited To make clearer 2/15/09. Modified 7/9/08, 8/30/08, 9/17/08, 11/29/08, 4/1/09
1/22/08 I was studying a book entitled "Science of Survival" by L. Ron Hubbard.  On
Page 113:
“A Culture is as rich and capable of surviving as it has imaginative
artist, skilled men of science, high ethic level, workable government,
land and natural resources, in about that order of importance.”

When I read this, I realized that:
  1. I was and still am the artist that he was talking about and talking To,
  2. That I needed To personally take responsibility To create a better culture
    and a future. A  better culture, a world without war, crime or insanity is
    what I am seeking To create! This is my long term goal. Spreading art, I
    believe, helps!
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