Now why do I say that?

“Everyone knows” that people make mistakes, goof, poor choices! Why just
look at your ex-spouse!

Anytime I hear a statement that involves “everyone knows” I wonder how they
know or where did they get their data!

There are soooooo so many theories floating about. A theory is just a stated
idea or opinion about something.

Stating a theory does not make it a fact.

Because we see mistakes does not mean the people
making them were wrong!

Take a look at the last decision you made about anything. How did you make
that decision?

Did you considered all the available data, weighed and make your decision?
By the way, you do this much faster than you probably realize.

Were you right? I believe you will find the answer was yes.

Now take a time when you found your decision or action was wrong. Go back
to the instant just when you were acting on your decision. Were you right at
that instant?

Then, did you have another thought, see something new, that changed your

If the answer is yes, you are correct. If the answer is no, you need to re-
examine your thoughts and memories.

The human mind never makes a mistake.

Have you ever decided something and thought it was wrong? Then by
thinking it was wrong, you were right.

Did you act on a wrong decision? Did you still believe for some reason you
were right!

That believe may have vanished even as you started acting, but you wouldn't
have done anything if you didn't think it was right.

What about “bad people”?

If you strike up a conversation with someone you consider is bad, you might
find they are doing exactly what they think is correct. They consider
themselves as good and everyone else is bad.

Of course, we view them as insane! But their data and decisions and actions
are correct
in their universe.

We see their data and actions as wrong. We disagree with them.

Their problem, and sometimes our problem, is bad or
incomplete data!

When people are reacting, they are acting on unseen, uninspected data  from
the past! They are doing the absolute best they know how to do but they have
faulty data!

Have you ever really thought you were wrong when you made your decisions?

Example of the Roses

I'll tell a short story about an allergy.

The story goes, this man walked into a ladies house and started sneezing.

The lady asked him what was happening. He replied “I am allergic to roses.”

She is puzzled and says “What roses?”

He points to the mantel where a vase of roses sits.

She laughed and said “those are plastic.”

My point in that story is he was reacting to roses when there were no roses.
Something fed false data to him. Roses from his past were injected into his
present time environment.

From his perspective, sneezing was right until new data entered and then he
knew there was no reason to sneeze.

See article:
Genetics, Heredity and Allergies!

Interpersonal Relationships

Sometimes couples, friends, relatives, associates have disagreements or

This is very often based on missing or false data. Both parties are right! They
are also very certain they are right which makes the other person WRONG.

In those situations, if they started
writing down the facts about what they were
arguing about, they'd soon share the same data. Writing down data creates a
more logical frame of mind and removes the unseen data from the

They would then go into agreement and there would no longer be an upset.

This works! I've had
people do this successfully!

You're doing the Very Best You Can!

This is my opinion and of course, I am right based on the above theory :-)

I don't know anyone that isn't doing the very best they can based on ALL
factors in their viewpoint.

Lazy people find their body too difficult to get to move. They let it win.

The thief can't see any other way to acquire than to steal. Even with money in
his pocket, the solution he sees, as correct, is to steal. The crooked politician
is also doing the best they can.

The thief and politician are both crazy, insane. They have too many unseen
false data being fed into their minds.

If you're curious where that unseen data come from, I can tell you. Also you
can slow and entirely stop that flow of unseen data.

Life get pretty simple when you just deal in present time with the facts.

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