You Are Not Obese! You are UNHEALTHY!

I studied to be a Health Coach because I wanted to know more and to be

I studied under
Dr Berg, a very knowledgeable man! By the way, they
routinely train health coaches, you too can learn!

Why Do I Say You Are Not Obese when You Are?

Labeling something does absolutely nothing except set you up for drugs from
the medical profession.

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What is needed is a solution to poor health.


That statement is a fact. When I started applying my health coaching data to
myself, I got healthier.

There was a by-product I wasn't looking for. I lost about 30 pounds. When I
say about, it is because I wasn't watching my weight at all when I started.

My daughter in law who was in her mid-thirties after four children weighed
about 206 pounds. I coached her and she lost 50 pounds in a half year.

Weight Loss is Not the Correct Target.

A benefit of good health is energy. She is full of energy and so am I!

Medical profession will tell you that you have to lose weight to be healthy.
That is backwards.

You must get healthy to lose weight.

With Good Health, Illness is Rare.

Neither my daughter in law nor myself get ill often. Our illnesses are few and
far between.

We use no drugs, no medications of any type.

I'll be 65 shortly. I'm sure if the medicos got hold of me, they'd be putting me on
drugs because I have some imagined risk and their drugs will keep me safe.

I have found that avoiding MDs has help me stay drug free! Drug free is

Do you know anyone taking medication/drugs that is healthy?

Oh, get your flu vaccine is promoted everywhere. It's clearly very profitable
and doesn't work.

Editorial: Why Vaccines Do Not Work.

Actually, injecting toxins into your body sets you up to be ill or perhaps die!

You will not, can not be healthy if you are putting toxins into your body. ALL
DRUGS ARE TOXINS. They certainly are not food of any type. Food
nourishes the body.

All toxins tax the body and require vitamins and minerals be taken from the
body to help eliminate them.

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Good Health or an Early Death

So many people are unhealthy. Look around anytime you're in public. At least
half are over weight. Sometime, in older crowds, ninety percent are!

The average life span of free activity is not increasing, it is decreasing.

Children getting cancer. Diabetes is rampant! Heart attacks left and right! The
list goes on and on.

Populations in industrialized nations are declining.

I give information on my site at no cost.

Why? You might ask?

Life is not lived alone. If you are reading this you are probably my friend. I
want my friends healthy and active.

I want you to be able to help me improve life on this planet. You can't help if
you're so ill/dying!

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Personal Consultation

If you'd care I will consult with you personally, via Twitter.

You might also ask why via Twitter? Because you are not alone and others
may benefit from out discussion.

If you can't tolerate the idea of a generic discussion via Twitter, you can email
me. Just ask me for my address, I will DM you :-)

Should you find my consultation of value, you can donate to my site if you're
able. All support is appreciated!

Just your survival is valuable to me. Hence, I will do what I can.

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