Wizard Disagreements

I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Dharma (the name has meaning). I've used this name, or some variation of it, for many
thousands of years.

I'm immortal, just like you. The only difference is I know it and you only suspect it---if you ever even think of the concept at

I wanted to give you a small sample of what life is really like, not the hell you've committed yourself to on Earth.

When you're immortal, you need to create games.

By the way, that is what put you into your almost eternal state of amnesia. You reduced your powers down to have some
competition or so you wouldn't destroy so broadly. (Someone convinced you destruction was overly bad.) Either way, you
restricted your ability.

But tonight's story is about disagreement and going into the world inside the black barrier. So here's the story...

“The World inside the Black Barrier”

It was late one evening and I was being bored!

I decided to entertain my “Master” Jack, the cat. He was certain that the word “cat” translates directly into “Master” with a
capitol “M”!

So to entertain Jack, who was pretending to be asleep, I emitted a shower of golden sparks.

Jack instantly became alert opening one eyelid a fraction and listening for any sounds that might accompany the sparks.

There was only silence.

Formidable Barrier

But amidst the glorious show of sparks, I noticed a black door suspended by nothing!

As a Wizard, I'm familiar with all the doors around me, the seen and the unseen. But this door was not from around me. It
was in the dimension of the sparks.

It was a bit of a mystery.

Entertaining Jack was fun but my curiosity about the door was much more appealing!

I stopped the emission of sparks. The door vanished. My body's vision could detect nothing where the door had been.

As a spirit, I looked for the door. I shifted the wavelength of my vision up and down the spectrum. I could not see or detect
any door or any evidence there had ever been a door.


But I had seen it! It had been there!

That only left one clue to the mystery!

The golden sparks had contributed to the door's appearance.

Once again, I emitted golden sparks. Not for Jack this time but for the investigation of the black door.

Yes! There it was again.

I thought, what to do about it?

The logical thing to do was to open it and see what was there!

Now as an immortal, not much frightens me. But I had a good life and didn't wish any force to mess with my life or with

So I settled my body down in the chair. I was instantly out of the body and advanced towards the door.

The black door looked like a solid formidable barrier.

Opening the Door

As an immortal wizard, I commanded it to open and it did.

I looked inside. There was endless space. It was like a portal. (Some day, I'll tell you about my planet!)

It was interesting to see this behind a black door. (There is endless space anywhere if you looked through the matter and
energy that blocks your body's normal vision.)

I entered the space. It was deep space, quiet. NO sound.


I looked about and there was a chair, much like the one I had left my body relaxing in.

For a moment, I mused about the chair and this space.

I recalled that I've always wanted a fountain in my living room where the water flowed from ceiling to floor down a glass
wall. But it was a minor wish and I had never bothered to follow thorough.

But instantly, in this space, there was a wall of glass with water flowing down it!

I thought that was cool! Seems that this was my space. A place where my postulates (wishes, predictions, causative
thinking) instantly come into existence.

I thought it would be even better if the water went up the glass instead of down.

The flow reversed; it was now falling from the floor up to the ceiling without seemingly ever changing! Instant gratification.

I thought Jack should see this. At the end of my thought, there was Jack standing by the fountain looking at the water
moving up.

He jumped onto the fountain to get a drink. The water was flowing up which he didn't expect. It went up his nose and he

I laughed at this! Jack looked annoyed.

By then, I had figured out the place.

The “black barrier” was not a barrier at all.

Home Universe

Trillions ago, I had a space where I could be undisturbed. This  was my universe and I'd forgotten all about it.

I knew that I could always be here anytime and didn't need the sparks to bring the door into visibility. I could simply be
here instantly!

But in my universe, unless I let others in, I am alone. I had pulled Jack in.

The moment I invite others in, I start to lose abilities.

You might wonder why.

Losing Abilities

All life wants to create effects. To do this, we have to have an audience. The audience instantly puts me or you, at effect.
We want admiration of our creations! It is the wanting and receiving of admiration that puts us at effect

Over the endless of trillions of years, we reduce ourselves to experience effects. All powerful beings can not be at effect,
only cause.

There is no game at all if you know you're going to always win! So to win or even to lose at a game, we must be effect to
some degree! We forget and soon we are Homo sapiens.

On Earth, men don't even know they are gods. They actually think they are just bodies and dies like a body dies! How
crazy can you get? Homo sapiens.

Well that's all for tonight!

Clue: If you disagree with the “laws” of this universe, you can go free!

Until tomorrow :-)


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