Why You Should Validate Others?

This is covered to some degree in my article “What do You Really Want.

On Twitter, I have been working for some time to create a team of
supporters. I coined the name

My supporters have grown and grown.

My followers on Twitter far out number the actual people that have and are
supporting me. I have a document listing
6354 people that have supported
me in the past. I have
75,000+ followers. While that is impressive, it is just a

My supporters, 6
354, are a power base!

If you can assume each follower has 2,000 followers, my 5K of true
supporters reach 10 million potential viewers. That's getting out there!

My intention is to multiply that by a factor of 1000. I want to reach billions and
we can do it!

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How I Gathered These Supporters

I've made it my policy to thank everyone that ReTweets my content.

There are times where I have so many notifications, Twitter will not let me
view them. When this happens, I miss the fact people retweeted for me. I do
try to keep up but it is impossible.

I also acknowledge and thank anyone that says anything positive about me.

The results is a huge portion of my mentions are ReTweets! I consider this
pretty phenomenal.

Part of this is communicated in my article “
Twitter People Are Far Above
Average and Why?

Do You want to Positively Effect Others?

So how would you do that?

What makes you respect and like others? If they throw garbage at you does
that work? I suspect not.

When was the last time someone said something nice to you? How did that
effect you?

If you want people to support you, don't insult them, compliment them!
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I Want to Positively Impact Humanity!

It has been and is my intention to create a positive change to increase the
survival of humanity!

#AwesomeTeam is creating a positive impact. We are creating positive

So to forward this progress, I validate people for helping!

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What is a Basic Validation?

The most basic validation I can think of is simply noticing someone exists!

If you notice them, let them know, a smile, a nod or go hug them.

On social media, you have to respond electronically to notice people. If you
fail to follow or to respond to their communications, you are not noticing
them, you are ignoring them.
When you mention people, you are saying you
have noticed them!

I do realize that there are times when a response is impossible. Everyone
understands this. It's your consistent responses or lack of that establishes
your manners or disrespecting others!

Just to the left and down, please enjoy the move: VALIDATION

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    Negative Impacts!

    The media, bigpharma, ama, usda, fda,
    bigAgra, IRS, #GMO, vaccines, chemtrails etc
    daily create negative impacts and kill people
    daily! If they don't outright kill, they lessen

    The Governments of the world seem to be
    owned and controlled by above corporations!

    While they are financially powerful, they are
    killing their own families and themselves.
    They, the elite/Banksters, are just too plowed
    in to see the reality of what they are creating.

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Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride, How to Survive.

Your Future

I'm sorry to say (not really) that you are creating your own future. Your
actions or inactions will create your future environment. Don't cut the grass
and it will overtake your yard.

Don't communicate to your government and it will overtake your yard too!
Government will overtake your entire life. They are well in progress of
eliminating all your constitutional rights!

I'm also sorry to say (yeah), American elected obama twice. Apparently far
too many failed to look and only listened to his encouraging rhetoric. He
reads speeches very convincingly! Related article
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I have an article I wish you would read: New Civilization. Its not just a dream.
I intend it to become a reality. Are you willing to help? Or will you wait for
some government to handle your problems and micro manage your life?
Child Protective Service? Enforced Vaccinations? Chemtrails raining on your
life? Fluoride poisoning your water? Soon obamacare, written by bigPharma,
will schedule your treatments and your death. That's assuming you survive
the increased taxation required to pay for this travesty long enough to
receive treatment!

Enough said. The end of this article but there's more below that may be of

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