Why can't Congress Agree?                  

I guess that the first thing to do is to establish what Congress is supposed to

Do you know the purpose of Congress? While I had a general idea, I had to
look it up to be certain because what I've observed of their actions makes no
sense at all!

I've read that they write bill and debate them and give the final agreed upon
version to the President to sign. What I know about this is that lobbyist write
the bills, congress signs without reading and then the president signs. I'm sure
he doesn't read them either!

Congress declares war? I haven't observed that. We've been at war almost
constantly without it being declared since World War II that I know of! I could
be wrong as I'm too lazy to look that up!

Congress appropriates funds, prints money, collects taxes, does a budget.
But, no they don't do that, the federal reserve does that.

Existing Scene

Apparently congress is in treason as it is not doing their job. Congress
consistent mostly of traitors!

I believe congress should be representing the will of the people. Congress
doesn't do that.

Congress doesn't read the bills, congress rubber stamps bills they didn't read
or write.

Congress allows the generals, the president and the military industrial
complex to attack any country as they wish! Apparently they all take orders
from the banksters.

Why Can Congress Not Agree?

First thing would be, agreement would requires logic. Congress is not logical
or reasonable. Congress is a group of criminal traitors. Of course there are
some exceptions that fight against the common criminality of congress!

Anytime they actually debate, congress spends more time attacking the other
side than presenting facts. Most of them don't even bother to participate.

It would seem that the only job of a congressional person would be to
accumulate enough votes to be re-elected.

Congress seems to only represent the international banksters and themselves!

True Intentions

Since there appears to be no intentions in congress to represent the people
or to help keep America intact, there will be no agreement. Each
congressional person has only a personal or financial reason for their

Such is the lot of traitors and criminals.

I can assure you they are in a constant state of anxiety and fear! Anyone
committing crimes can not rest well or be comfortable in life!

There is Hope.

Congress fears public opinion. Even as insane as most of them are, they want
to look good! Go figure that, which you can't as they are insane!

I wrote an article
Governments, Solution For which if applied broadly, I believe
can change the existing scene of madness in Washington!

I can tell you, with certainty, if you don't give it a try, it will not work. It will take
the efforts of many.

Are you in? Are you willing to communicate?

Here is the solution! Governments, Solution For click to read!

Should you be curious, I have listed various other point that you may find of
interest. They may or may not be directly related to this or other articles
beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

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