Who Has the RIGHT to INSULT You?

I want to start off with a quote I came across today: “Whatever you do, you
need courage. Whatever course you decide upon, there is always someone
to tell you that you are wrong. There are always difficulties arising that
tempt you to believe your critics are right.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have observed several things lately and wanted to answer that question
and give my logic behind it. Insults are much more serious than most
people think.  Insults tend to add up and eventually result in you having a
lowered opinion of yourself and others.  After receiving enough insults, you
start using insults on others!

Even though you already know the answer:


Insults are a method of domination by the lessening of you or who
ever it is aimed at. If someone insults your friend, it is aimed at
you and
your friend.

Insults are a covert method of harming you and others.  Insults are a
coward's method of control by covert domination.

Insults hurt the person insulted.  Insults also hurt the person giving them out
as they know it is not right.

If a person hits you in the face, you've been insulted.  If you're shot and
killed with a gun, you've been insulted.  Dropping bombs on cities insults all
of mankind as the action is criminal and unnecessary.

Insults are just like being hit physically without the physical force behind

Like Mr. Emerson said in the above quote: "Whatever course you decide
upon, there is always someone to tell you that you are wrong." Telling you
that you are wrong is an insult!

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Does your employer have a right to insult you?

No! Never!

If you made a mistake, you are not stupid.  Telling you it was a “stupid
mistake” is an insult!

People can be corrected without insulting them, their actions, their
knowledge or intelligence!  See my article
“How to Correct”.

Do your parents have a right to insult you?

No! Never!

But you say sometimes the child will not cooperate!  Does that give the
parent a right to crush the child, to insult them, beat them, all the same
thing?  No!  You can obtain the cooperation of others without insults ever
being used.  See my article
"How to Get Cooperation".

Further, the only reasons a child, who loves you dearly, will not cooperate
are: They don't understand. Or they are tired, hungry, ill or otherwise upset.
In that condition, they are incapable of controlling their bodies or
environment. If they are in that condition, YOU, the parent, is responsible.

And to emphasis, children will cooperate if they understand!

You have no right to get upset with them. You are required to be saintly in
your love and patience with them.

Do not be your parents or handle them as your parents did unless it is with
love and tolerance!

Let me give a few examples:

“Don't take this personally but...”  But what?  They are going to be critical
and/or insulting!  It is an attempt to control you.

“Now, traditionally it's...” If traditional is different than what you proposed or
want, it is a way to make you wrong and is an insult.

“Hope you start believing...”  That insults your present viewpoint regardless
if they are talking about politics, religion, vaccinations, health care etc.

“You call yourself an artist?”  That one is easy to see.

“Band x stinks.”  It's your favorite band, they just insulted YOU!

"You have a short attention span"

The #psych says "You are bipolar" or "ADHD" or any other made up term
that lacks any scientific proof!

Here's a good one "You're suffering from

Bull! Everyone has a bad day or is moody. Look around and see who is
insulting you! That may well be why your in a bad mood! Diet can greatly
effect mood.

“That shirt makes you look...”  Unless it is great/good,  I don't care what
they say next, it is an insult to your choice.  If you ask someone, do you like
this or that or how does this look, just be prepared for the answer.  There is
a very good chance it will be an insult.

And really, why do you need the approval of others to survive, look nice or
act? You know you are correct based on all the data you have. If you turn
out to not be correct, you'll figure it out and learn! But it's your life, keep
your own council!

"Covert Hostility, An Example of" was written as a supplement of this article.

"Invalidation" is another article giving different ways you can be hurt!

Also see related poem "

War, Fights, Murder, Chemtrail Spraying, Fluoride,

If you slap someone, you have insulted. If you murder with a knife or drop
bombs on their home, you've insulted them.

Spaying populations with chemicals, putting poison in the waters, injecting
those actions are INSULTS! All those actions are crimes against people
and life!

Here's one you probably would not think of, the daily news. The media and
the corporations that tell them what to say are lying to you daily. Creating a
false picture in many different ways. All this misinformation is an insult.
They are saying YOU are too stupid and will believe anything!

Suppose they ask your opinion?

If someone asked what do I think of their music, their art, their choice of
clothes, my answer is “what do you think?”  Then I simply agree with them.  
Super easy.

If they press, be gentle or ask them which they think is right or some

How to Handle Insults!

If you're talking/texting with someone and you start to feel less cheerful,
less happy, more upset,
you've been insulted and you missed that fact.

If you're not sure, review your conversation.  Just scan through it a few
times.  You'll spot the insult and feel better.

When you spot the insult, it will have MUCH less impact on you because
you now understand.

On Twitter, when someone seeks to insult me, I block without further

Outside of the Twitter Universe, you have to evaluate your "friend" that
insulted you.

Do you want to continue experience their insults or just cut them off gently?

If it happens to be your spouse, boss, parent, you may not want to cut them
off. You may wish to handle them.  That's always good if they are important
in your life. You must take some responsibility for the other person, they are
being as right as they know how. Related article
You Are Right.

Perhaps you can use the data in
"How to Correct" to get them to see what
they did.

If they routinely insult, you can bet they have been insulted routinely and
may no longer even be aware of the method they are using.  Usually they
are aware they are insulting and will claim it was unintentional or for "your
own good" (always a covert insult)!

With the news media, I stopped the newspaper over 30 years ago. I
unplugged my television five years ago. I don't listen to normal news

There are some things that right this minute I can not change, so why worry
about it. Some things I simply will not view or listen too. I'm a very happy
healthy person!

Friends on Twitter!

I have so many completely awesome friends, I simply don't need to tolerate
people trying to pull me down with covert domination.

Let me know if you need help or have questions. Something can always be
done about the situation.

Should you be curious, I have listed various other points that you may find
of interest. They may or may not be directly related to this or other articles
beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

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