What's wrong with NAMING ILLS?

Have you ever notice the medical profession has a habit of naming ills and
aches? If you have a problem, expressing it to your medical person maybe
hazardous to your health!

Take arthritis, an inflammation, to handle it, you would handle the
inflammation and deposits causing it, right?

But if you want profits, you drug the symptoms. Why just name a symptom

and not address the cause? Simple, there is no profit in cures, that's a proven


Much worse that the normal medical folks is them psychiatrist!  If you breath
too fast … or … too slow, you have a “Breathing Syndrome” caused by an
imbalance of the brain.

The test or proof for this is “I said so! You have all the symptoms” and “I'm an
expert on abnormal behavior”. You're “bipolar” rolls out in a thundering voice
of AUTHORITY! Don't think too much, they got a vaccine coming for that too!

You're shy, uncomfortable speaking before crowds, your girl/guy dumped you,
you disagree with “authority”, you have a “syndrome” says the thundering
voice of AUTHORITY.

Psychs Drugging the Military

It gets more sinister. The government sends young men off to war. No, they
don't call is war any more, let me see... It's an... ILLEGAL INVASION, but the
media spins it to make it sound good!

Why the media can do anything with the sheeple! They buy what ever crap
the media puts out! Even bill gates backs up vaccines so they must be

Back to the story, these young men are put into a position of doing things they
never normally would never do. They kill ill innocent people for phony reasons.

These soldiers are not stupid. They can tell when their orders are crimes
against mankind. It's the officers, the generals that are stupid and or insane!

So the boys express their unhappiness. The base psych is just waiting and
has the profitable solution. Psychs like drugging the boy's guilt away with mind
altering chemicals! The poor boys and girls will never be normal guys once
they are on psych drugs!

The psychs name the soldier's feelings “Post Traumatic Syndrome”. Keep
them drugged...good for business.

When they come home, now they are untrustworthy because they are
“insane,” they can lessen the boy's rights, can't allow them to own guns! Keep
them drugged! Very profitable!

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On to another despicable crime!

They invent names for the flu they are going to next release on mankind
based on the animal they are using this year: birds, pigs. Why I'm fully
expecting a dog and cat flu soon!

Conveniently, they already have the vaccine patented. Of course it hasn't
been tested yet as they haven't released the flu virus! Such a problem, how to
test a vaccine before you infect the public. No worries, the public will be the
guinea pigs for the latest vaccine.

Since they have no liability, they don't care how many die. With no liability,
they don't care who is maimed or crippled mentally and physically for life.
There is huge profit in them thar vaccines! What can we create a vaccine for
next, people who disagree? I got it, a vaccine for people who Tweet! We can't
cure that but we can treat it!

Back to the real story, take the chicken pox vaccine, it didn't really work well
but it sold well. Now the people that got chicken pox vaccinated, why they are
coming down with shingles. You must read
Trading Chickenpox for Shingles!

Not to worry folks, we have shingles vaccines at every corner store just for
you. Now we are not saying what the shingles vaccine will cause. Perhaps
this vaccine will kill you before the next problem comes up. But that's not a
problem, as while you're dying, we will make a fortune selling you drugs to
treat those symptoms.


So who is more out of control, the government or pharmaceuticals? Certainly
the FDA is merely a branch of bigPharma.

When a drug can kill upward to 80,000 people before it's pulled, seems money
is a huge motivation.

But what about a cherries or raw milk? The massed might of the FDA swat
team is all over it. I guess their crime is not buying off the FDA like bigPharma

I could go on for hours but I won't.


Those who can still think for themselves by now has gotten the point.

Those who can't think, think I'm horrible.

I call these poor folks “medical wreckage”.

The medical boys and bigPharma have gotten into their head so that they
can't think. The "sheeple" or "medical wreckage" people think you either have
to take drug for a symptom, cut it out or poison it with drugs/radiation. So
many get killed by the treatment. Sad.

Naming an ill or ache is not a cure.

Naming an ill or ache is not an excuse to drug a person. Naming an ill or ache
is extremely poor for any "science."

If there is no solution, names are worthless. The medical and pharmaceutical
boys have NO CURES, only names.

While the medical profession, I think try to help, educated by bigPharma, they
mostly fail. bigPharma doesn't even try to help. That isn't profitable.

Are YOU Supporting bigPharma?

The stockholders in the pharmaceuticals, people with 401Ks invested in these
murdering torturing companies, should examine their own personal integrity.
Are you happy profiting off bigPharma's crimes?

As far as I'm concerned if you work for bigpharma, have money invested in
them directly or via some fund such as 401K or money market account, YOU

Perhaps I wasn't clear on that: IF YOU ARE WORKING FOR BIGPHARMA ET
You might want to un-invest in bigpharma, find a new job!

No? Think not, how are you justifying it? You have to survive at the expense
of thousands of innocent lives?

Every child in America and you're grandchildren will be at bigPharma's mercy
unless we stand up and say no to the FDA and bigpharma!

No more naming ills. Natural cures are readily available despite being
suppressed by criminal group know as the #FDA.

One final point, the money people, Bill Gate and even bigger money people
want the population reduced. Don't take my word, research it, it's clearly
recorded on video! Bigpharma is one of their depopulation tools!


There are many factors working together to make man ill and submissive:
chemtrails, fluoride, GM foods, bigPharma, attacks on nutrition, organic foods,
radiation and via HAARP weather control/earthquakes, on and on.

It's my opinion this is a coordinated effort to further reduce mankind into
slavery. They may succeed. There are only a few points stopping them: you
and me!

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