What is Harmony?

I posted the following questions and listed in “Question of the Day”:

Is happiness like a pure piano note?

Is harmony in life like a crystal clear clean water?

Is beauty most often a harmony of objects and motion?

Is ugliness similar to noise, discord?

At what point does noise cease to be noise & become music?

What is aesthetics in music, a painting?

Is government, in general, beautiful or ugly, why and how is that?

All those questions deal with harmony and or aesthetics!

You might notice, as questions, there are no answers provided!

So What IS Harmony?

Actually the basic definition is in electronics. It is a smooth frequency.
Harmony exist when things flow smoothly or are all aligned without resistance.

From this you get harmony of sounds, of agreements and so on. Harmony
lacks opposition, disagreement, conflict and noise. Wars are not harmonious.
Family gatherings are often harmonious.

How Does Life Relate to Harmony?

    I suspect the answer is so obvious,
    that I don't need to expand but I shall
    in any case.

    Have you ever been to a funeral?  
    How much harmony did you

    How about a wedding? Perhaps a
    huge amount more harmony?

    Life is harmony and creates harmony!

Art and Harmony

Art that reflects harmony is beautiful. That is life.

Art that reflect disharmony is ugly. It reflects death.

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Music is art and the above to sentences apply.

Rap that is angry and ugly is disharmonious.

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Music can reflect the entire spectrum from harmony to disharmony!

Many forms of art can blend different parts of spectrum and it is art!

Is Happiness like a Pure Piano note?

Each key on a piano is a harmonic above or below the next key. If it is out of
tune, it will not sound right.

I listen to people laugh who are happy, their happiness is “on key” and is very
much in harmony with life.

Life is happiness and can be much purer that a crystal pure piano note.

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To the Artists

What kind of effects do you want to create?

If you're in the arts only for the money, I suspect you don't care as long as it
puts cash in your pocket. But be advised, that type "art" will kill you and the

Soon you will be broke and out on the street! You don't have to believe...I

I have a poem for you:
The Creating of Earths Future. Read it if you're will.
Apply it if you dare.

The future is up to YOU!

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