What Does an Immortal Have to Fear?

On my “Questions of The Day aka Make You Think" page, I've posed many
questions regarding Immortality.

I believe I should have raised some real questions but as these questions
were spread out over time, perhaps many were missed. Here is a sampling:

    If you know you are Immortal, what worries would you have?
    Would an Immortal have any serious things to worry about?
    As an Immortal Being, what license do you need?
    As an Immortal Being, what could you not confront, anything?
    The moment you detach from your body, would you know you're
    How could an Immortal being become human, how to reverse?
    Can you have an opinion of Immortality without knowledge of it, your
    level of certainty?
    Can an Immortal Spirit die, how?
    If you were Immortal could you imagine a better future?
    Can you prove you're not Immortal?
    If you're Immortal would you worry about yourself or others?
    Would an Immortal own the earth even with no deed?
    What information would an Immortal not have?
    As an Immortal, do you think you've got a lot piled up over you?
    If you're Immortal, how would you stop accumulating?
    How would it feel to realize you were truly Immortal, scary, elation?

There are
many more but I stopped going back when I got to May 2013.

What Would an Immortal Being Fear or Be Worried

First, being Immortal, you would not die. So fear or worry about disease
would not trouble you.

Of course you immediately think you will not like to be trapped in a body
that had it's limb cut off and hung up to dry.

But what is
it that is Immortal? Bodies certainly are not.

You, the Being, are Immortal. When you allow, intentionally or accidentally,

a body to be destroyed or made otherwise unsuitable, you just get a new

The way it is commonly done is you steal a new one body that is being
delivered at a hospital or someplace! If you get your “horse power” or
spiritual power up, you can pick up one that has been knocked out from
surgery, drugs or accidents.

There are other ways a very powerful Being could get a new body but that's
not part of this tall tale of facts :-)

But, regardless, You would continue to exist with or without a body. There
is nothing to fear or worry about personally.

Well perhaps there is? I'll continue.


As a never ending entity, Immortal Spirit, boredom can be a real problem.

So to avoid boredom, you create games. In order to play a game, you must
have some competition.

If you are extremely powerful, which you are, you would have to cut down
your willingness to use some of your power.  And so you would “play fair,”
perhaps you would forget you had those abilities.

Do you do a lot of telepathy these days? Completely forgotten, hidden? See
my point?

And of course some other Beings play dirty games. Not being able to stand
fair competition, they implant you with false ideas and barriers so you “can't
remember” and so you “can't do”.

And think of how it would damage "
religions" if people suddenly realized that
they are Immortal? There are some real vested interest that don't want you
to know the truth about you!

If you have any power, how could they ever keep you
in jail or shoot you or
make you work for slave pay? See their problem? So they want to keep you
ignorant, down and losing. Why you would be very difficult to control!

By the way, powerful Beings strongly tend to be good. You are good!

If you were free to use more of your abilities, you'd still be good. Perhaps
you might not put up with some of the restrictions others impose on you! I
certainly don't!

You still have all your abilities which are totally buried by you and other
forces. But you still have them. The mother who picks up the car...yep, her
necessity freed her ability for a minute.

Other Peoples Problems.

While an Immortal Being doesn't have problems, other people do.

Not only do we forget our own Immortality, we forget that the other person is
also Immortal.

Immortal or not, I want to see people survive well and enjoy life. It is more fun
that way.

Personally I have nothing to ever worry about except my family, friends,
humanity, animals, plants and even this old trusty planet, Earth.

Other Questions About Immortality that I Failed to

There are several points in my questions above that I did not cover. There
are even more on my
Questions Page. If you're curious and want to know
more, ask me.

Here's a question for you. Do you know why I don't tell you all?

The answer is not that I am unwilling or that I want to keep some to myself.
LOL, why would I want to do that?

You are already Immortal and have all the answers though they are buried
deeply in your universe.

More communication will solve all problems, even the problems of others.  

Again, ask me!

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Simplicity, Let's Pretend.

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