What do You Think?

How are you today? How is the weather where you live? Are you getting by?

If you are reading this, you have probably seen my name,
@Poet_Carl_Watts, around before, is that correct?

Have you hear of  #AwesomeTeam♥#Odycy☮?

#AwesomeTeam is explained in my article
#AwesomeTeam Defined...click to

#Odycy is a journey. It is a creative journey by the most awesome Amber
group. I can't say enough to acknowledge them for all their support. Here's
their story

I promote #Odycy in return for them putting #AwesomeTeam in all their
tweets. They tweet several times as much as I do!


I enjoy meeting people from around the world. Is that part of your reason for
using Twitter?

I suspect we met via Twitter. I'm happy to know you!

In my opinion, Twitter is the best social network in existence. Though I've had
some difficulties with them. Have you had difficulties?

Around the world

Still I enjoy reaching people in different lands around the globe. Twitter helps
make them closer and more real as people to me. Have you experienced
something like this?

At the same time, through Twitter, I've learned that people in other lands have
difficulties with survival. Some are so serious I couldn't put humor next to their
difficulties even if I tried.

Here in Los Angeles, I have it very easy compared to some people. Are you
aware of others having difficulties?

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Together We Are Strong

Do you think that as a large group, we can make a bigger impact than we can
as individuals?

Do you think that #AwesomeTeam is large enough yet to make a big enough

Is there something you would like to do to help us make a bigger impact?

I suspect you retweet things already. I'm so thankful to the many that do!

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My Intentions

Do you think you have observed my actions enough so that you know my

If not, please let me know. I'm written articles designed to consistently help
people. I'd be happy to refer you to one. In each of my articles, I intent people
obtain new information, new ways of viewing old problems, and be able to
resolve things for themselves.

If you feel you know me well enough, would you go a step further and request
your followers follow me, @Poet_Carl_Watts?

I routinely promote people that have retweeted my content. It is my way of
paying them back or exchanging for their support. I also retweet most links
people send to me.

Can you think of other things I can do to help you and others?

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I truly believe that statement. Every minute I can, I devote to making that a
true statement.

Enlightened, educated people survive better than ignorant sheeple.

Huge numbers of educated people working can create life changing positive
impacts! #AwesomeTeam

“A person is only as valuable as he aids others n their games of survival!”
Quoting myself :-)

Let me know if I can assist you!

To help #AwesomeTeam and humanity, request your followers follow

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