War or Affinity*                                                        6/6/10

Agreement or reality

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to
remain silent." Thomas Jefferson

It would be nice to first establish some agreements if we can.  So lets get

This planet is inhabited by the species know as man, mankind, humanity.
Do you agree with that?


Could you agree that sane men and women are trying to survive and have
good lives for their family and friends?
Is that an agreeable statement?


Since you don't know me, I am assuming that you don't hate me.
Would you say that's correct?

Fine! Of course if you do hate me, then you probably will not read any further.
If this is the case,
contact me.

Back to establishing some reality and agreements.

I believe it's safe to assume that you have some feelings of regard or thoughts
about the welfare of others.
Is that correct?


When you communicate with people, you can develop agreement if you have
the same data.
Have you ever observed this?

If you really like someone, you tend to communicate with them more.
I know I'm that way, how about you?

So far so good!

So what I can see is if we are sane and communicate, then some degree of
agreement can be established.
If we can agree, we can also have affinity. +

If we can not agree, it is because either we have different data or one of us is
not sane. The only way to figure that out is to try to communicate. It's not
difficult to see when someone can not put two and two together and come up
with four.

Lets for the sake of discussion assume that both sides are sane.

But what if no agreement can be reached.

If we assume we both have the same data, we could be wrong. What if
someone is feeding both side lies? Then we are not likely to have the same

Trouble Makers

For an example, a lady I knew, deceased now, told some lies to my wife's
uncle on one side of the family about the uncle on the other side. She also did
the same with the other uncle. For a while we had a family feud going on. ++  

But one day, the two sides started talking and each revealed by the aunt had
told them about the other.

Now that communication was taking place, both sides realized the aunt's
stories were not true. When you communicate, you can observe who is telling
the truth.

Both uncles confronted the aunt. The feud was over and the entire family now
knew the aunt was a trouble maker and an out right liar.

When there are wars, there are individuals that stand to profit.

For these individuals, spreading stories about how horrible each side is helps
brings about conflicts. ++

They will do things like attacking one side and “claiming” credit as the other
side. I believe the American settlers pulled a few raids dressed up as Indians
as an excuse to go on killing the Indians for their land.

So who would profit from the 9/11 precision demolition of the buildings in New
York? Not Bin Laden. He was already working with the US Government. So
who would profit? What does the Middle East have that is so valuable that the
US needs a reason to go into an endless war over there. Who knows? I'll let
you draw your own conclusions.

If the Middle East explodes, who will stand to profit? Could it be the
international bankers/oil companies/weapons manufactures? ++

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Who makes the weapons of war? Do they still sell them to both sides?

Do the people that own American weapon factories also own directly or
indirectly weapon factories in say Germany? It was that way in WWII.
American's owning German weapon factories (

I'm not blaming all this on “Americans” though I'm sure we have a
few  that are
making huge profits off of death, illness, disease, drugs, oil spills, currency
devaluations and war.... I suspect this is true for most conflicts. The people
involved are not “American” or “Israeli” or “British” or “Russian”.

Nationality is not the issue. It is the
few's  intention to dominate the world
regardless of cost to mankind.  They are the true insane. They are willing to
poison the air, the water, feed babies drugs, vaccines, genetically modified
toxic foods... Use nuclear bombs on whole populations. They are insane and
can't predict the results of their actions. They are also afraid, utterly terrified
behind their mask of billions of dollars. +++

Every state in America has connections with the weapons industry, parts of a
single military plane is made in each state, and thus politicians from all sides
are in there to protect the jobs of the voters in their states. Research Military
Industrial complex.

But the vast majority of American are just like you and me, trying to survive,
live a decent lives and have a future for their family. Only the insane do not
work in this direction.

Could it be the forces that want a single world government so that they can
control everyone's life? Again perhaps we are talking about the same group of
international bankers/oil/weapons/drugs...?

The point is
someone is stirring up trouble and preventing decent people from
working out their problems without killing each other! ++

Someone is trying to profit from the killing and suffering and they are
succeeding! (see recent article:
Conflicts on Earth)

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What both sides, in any strained situation, needs to do is to sit down and talk.
Stop listening to all the “advisers.” Be honest with the other side and come to
agreements. Realize if you do not, an early death for planet earth and man
could be on your shoulders. And a nuclear bomb exploding can ruin your day!

If you can't agree, you do not have the same data. You may have been fed a
bunch of lies. I'll rephrase that: you have been fed a bunch of lies by the
media and by so many of your “trusted” advisers.

Or you maybe insane and one of the group I generalized above. If you've read
this far, you're probably not insane.

What can the rest of us do?

Have lots of open honest communication with as many people as possible.
Establish affinity across the world. It can't help but to make things better. See
my article "
New Civilization"

Do not listen to the mainstream media. Never form an important opinion
without researching things for yourself (especially on negative subjects).

I made this mistake once. During the cold war, I had a horrible opinion of
Russians. Then I saw a concert and guess what, the people there looked just
like the crowds I was part of here in America! Humans trying to enjoy some

Consider the consequences of your words and actions beyond the potential of
immediate personal gain. What about
your family, friends, nation, mankind
and the planet?

Personal profit of any type at the unjust expense of another is criminal, just
plain criminal. It will be criminal forever no matter how you justify it. You know.
And you know you know!

Further ideas you can try:

I wrote an article: How YOU can easily help the Police and our Nation and

I also have a page with some very short inspiring videos:
Help Save the World.

Here in America, sane people must make our voices heard. VOTE. Write
congress! You can use
DownSizeDC.org to sent emails to your
representatives on many issues easily:

*Affinity: liking or dislike, willing to share space or not. Anger is a negative
affinity. “Communities exist because man has affinity for man.”  “War happens
because of a lack of affinity, lack of communication, lack of reality resulting in
a lack of understanding which brings about upset, anger etc” Carl Watts

+Affinity, Reality, Communication gives understanding! For more information
on this visit and down load not no cost
“The Components of

++ For more information on this phenomena visit and download at no cost
“How to Resolve Conflicts”

+++ Download at no cost “The Cause of Suppression”  

Wrote 2010: Copyright 2011 CarlWattsArtist.com & Carl Watts Edited 10/13/11
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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