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    A new Japanese study suggests that tocotrienols which is part of the vitamin E ‘family’ of
    nutrients, exert their anti-cancer benefits through their accumulation in cancer cells. In fact
    the Japanese study shows that accumulation in tumour cells is critical for the anti cancer
    activity of tocotrienols.

    This is VERY important because the EU Food Supplements Directive, passed into law in 2002 and upheld by the
    European Court of Justice in 2005, will implement the first phase of the directive later this year and physically
    remove nearly two thirds of currently available vitamin supplement substances from the shelves throughout Europe.
    And yes, you’ve probably guessed it, that removal includes nearly the entire spectrum of natural vitamin E ‘family of
    nutrients,’ including gamma tocopherols and these very same tocotrienols. But hold on, because of earlier trade
    agreements signed by Canadian and U.S., Codex will eventually create the same problem for domestic
    manufacturing and sales even in non-European countries.

    The logic (or lack of) boggles the mind!

    Nevertheless, here’s more to the story from Japan.

The researchers from Kyushu University evaluated the anti-tumour activities of both gamma and delta tocotrienols (called T3) in mouse
cancer cells. They found that supplementing the diet of the mouse with tocotrienols significantly delayed tumour growth. This was found to
be the case for both gamma and delta tocotrienols. The researchers also found that delta tocotrienols, when studied outside the living
organism, were particularly effective in delaying tumour growth.

Tocotrienols, naturally occurring in the plant oils of the palm fruit, rice bran, wheat germ, oats, rye and barley, have not been studied as
extensively as their tocopherol cousins. The molecular structure of the tocotrienols suggest that they have a more potent antioxidant effect
than the tocopherol forms, and studies have backed this up. Tocotrienol forms have also been associated more with the anti-cancer,
cardio-vascular and other benefits.

The reference, abstract and article outline of the paper is given in The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
    Please pass this information on to your friends and associates and ask them to join us in our efforts to reverse this
    ridiculous, ill informed at best, worldwide legislative attack on the natural health industry and natural solutions like
    Vitamin E.

For more information on the EU Food Supplements Directive, Codex Alimentarius and the trade agreements that support their
implementation worldwide, simply go to

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Rudi C. Loehwing
Managing Director
World Institute of Natural Health Sciences
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New study shows vitamin E tocotrienols delay tumor growth
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