The Voices Inside

In many ways we are alike.

Most of us have our social front. Many people are in fear all the time but put a
fake smile on their face. They try to hide the fear or the anger.

When they get tired, hungry or upset, the mask falls away and you see the
true emotions of the person. Or perhaps we see the emotion of a hungry/tired

Unfortunately when people get tired or hungry or upset, even if they truly are
cheerful people, they can become angry or afraid.

A little kid who is totally enthusiastic can drop to antagonism when you try to
stop them! If they are well fed and rested, they will pop right back up to
enthusiasm as soon as they are free to go about their life without being
interfered with.

It makes for confusion on judging people. Although, judging people can be
done accurately. See related article
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But back to you and me!

Yes, We are Alike.

We all think the other person has everything under control. They look at us
and think the same thing.

The truth is very few people have everything under control. I wonder if anyone

The rich and powerful act like all is under control yet their world is often
desperate. They just don't know.

As they age, they may become more desperate as much of their youthful body
strength has faded. Too many have allow doctors to put them on drugs that
are killing them. See related article
Aging and Illness.

Depending on which drugs and toxins people accumulated, regardless of age,
their mental strength may fade too.

Many are fragile! They are propped up by society around them. I know I am to
a small degree and I'm not rich. I am powerful!

But what would they do if the power grid went down.

If it goes down for more than a couple days, the social veneer is likely to fall
away and chaos might reign!

The rich may fair a bit better if they have stocked up.

See related article
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But they may fall completely apart without external support. The maid can't
come and cook for them or do the laundry!

How Confident Are You?

I worry about my family. They are all exceptional. They are all, to a major
degree, propped up by society.

My son is the most likely to survive because he is very able physically. He has
tremendous practical skills! And he is super smart!

My children are all very confident. They are very able.

Yet I wonder do they have life under control? I don't know. I doubt it.

Do They have Voices Inside?

Yes, I bet they do. I think everyone does.

Do you every find yourself arguing with yourself?

One part of you is daring and another part of you is afraid?

Is there an artistic side and a mechanistic side inside of you?

How about the traditional example of a devil and an angel, do you have that?

If you're sane, you are the angel aspect! If you're insane, you think you're the
devil. You are not the devil. And no one is totally sane that I know.

How do You Know Who You Are?

That is a tough one until you answer that question. The answer is super
simple. It is so simple people are often confused about who they are!

You are creative. The doubts that pops up are not you. Those are mental
circuits. Call them demon circuits if you're superstitious!

You want something that is positive! That is you!

You want something negative, that is probably not you. That might simply be
your body or a mental circuit!

As a health coach, I give the example: Have you ever gone to the refrigerator
and opened the door and just looked for something to eat? Next time this
happens, turn to the water filter and get a large glass of water and drink it. (I
suggest adding a dash of sea salt if you have a reverse osmosis filter.) I bet
your desire to eat vanishes.

It maybe only your body talking to you telling you it's thirsty and you think food!

When your body wants something, take a look at it. Is that you or is that your

People who drink too much or take drugs are allowing the body to run them.
They are really confused.

People that are over weight are usually starving. They eat crap and lack
minerals and vitamins. So they keep eating! By the way, I can coach you out
of that :-)

An interesting and related article is:
Fear or Other's Emotions!

Are You Your Body?

Just like the “voices” almost everyone has, everyone does have a body.

Well perhaps not everyone has a body but I'm taking about human beings,
homo sapiens type. If you don't have a body, let me know. I'm sure I can help
you too! PS Write me or visit in day time, not in middle of the night! :-)
Additional comment, if you don't have a body, you are not a human. It is okay,
just bring cash. No credit cards from spirits without a body :-)

Do You Think to Yourself and Debate?

I know my mom has great running conversations with herself. She doesn't
have enough real people around to chat with. She talks to her dog.

I talk to my cat when he'll hang around for a few minutes.

I never have debates about my decisions or thoughts. When I decide that's it,
done :-)

Where Are You?

Take a look. Are you inside your hand, nose, head, hair on the back of your
head? How about the space behind your head? Again perhaps I should ask
where you are not?

Some people don't know where they are. Do you?

To find out were you are, look around. Compare where you are physically to
where you were! And then look around some more!

Go for a long walk, see things you've not noticed before.

How far away is the nearest big building, tree, mountain etc?

Look up, what color is the sky? Are there clouds or smog?

It's interesting to me some people have never seen chemtrails. They simply
rarely look up. I wonder, what do they see or even notice?

When you are out do you notice the smells, the bright or dull colors? How
about the temperatures, the textures? What is the feel of the tree across the

So Who Are You?

Are you your name? Are you your nick name or your position where you work?

Perhaps I should ask “who are you not”!

I understand some people think they are everyone. I can guarantee them they
are not me!

I am me. I am life, not all life but me. I am a spiritual being and I have a body.

I have some mental circuits like the one that likes to play the song I listened to
over and over.

By the way, if I take over the circuit and make the song go faster or slower,
vary it a couple times, it will turn off.

Circuits are just mental activity I have neglected to control. But I can.

Another point, I have a mind. I am not my mind. I am not my body either. I am

What about the Voices?

The point of this is until you take a look, you may find decisions and actions
coming from circuits, voices or your own body.

If you are around a strong being, your thought might be coming from them.
See related article
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Doubts, limitations, illogical fears, cravings! None of these things are you. I
can say that because you are able!

You are wonderful, beautiful. You do create effects! Most of your effects are
good. See related article

Yes, right there, you doubted me, doubted yourself! Am I correct?

Take a look. Is that you doing the looking, yes! The doubts you are looking at
are not you. I am sure of it.

See related article

If You are Still Confused

Contact the Poet. I'll talk you through the confusion.

Life is simple but not when you don't understand!

I can help anyone worth of my help. You qualify if you're willing to cooperate!

More Data?

If you'd like more data, I can provide more on just about any of the above
points. Just let me know.
Click here to contact me.  #KnowledgeIsPower!

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