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Visions of Greatness

I get visions of beckoning up giant ocean waves rising high,
Clouds roaring through the heavens,
A mighty trees stretching towards the sky!
All look small from far above.

A wave of my hand and thunder rolls,
Lightening flashes
The world stands still
Then I take a small breath.

The stars trembled
The planets wobbled
Galaxies seemed to dim
I roared too loud again.

Ah but for the days of old before we agreed to get old
Before we agreed to be so small
Before we agreed we must crawl.
Some never agreed!

The days of the Giants and Gods are not things of the past,
The past is merely agreed upon and pretended.
The Giants and Gods aren’t gone!
We’re here all, not gone to the past pretended.

Look into the sky and see forever.
Reach out and touch infinity,
The powers are just as close as ever
Reach for them, touch the infinity within.

The greatness of the past is the same today
The ability to create is within all
Creation is inherent within you, I say
Perceive your ability and play.

Don’t say that another did it. You know.
Don’t say you don’t understand it.
Don’t deny you created it all.
Create, create, create! You and I both know it!

For fun stand tall and roar!
For fun command the clouds and lightening!
For fun stretch our far and assume command of all you perceive!
For fun create, create, create, create, continue…

Have fun my Giant friend! A new day we’ll begin…

©2008 Carl Watts


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