Viruses and How to Control Theory                         

In 1931 Dr Otto Warburg was given the Nobel Peace Prize for the discovery
of cause of cancer.

I bet you never heard that, have you?

Of course not, preventing cancer is not profitable.

Preventing any illness is not profitable.

Hence let us start preventing them! Being healthy is much more fun than
being ill. I've tried both and I like HEALTHY!

Is There an Environment that Viruses Don't Grow in?

It is the same environment that cancer can not survive in.

You need to have a
slightly alkaline body!

What do Many People Eat.

Meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables is what most people eat.

Meat and dairy create environments that viruses and cancer thrive in.

Fruits and vegetables create a more healthy alkaline body where viruses do
not do well!

2014 update: Commercial fruit is picked long before it is ripe. It is acidic.

When you let it "rippen" it does not, it only softens and changes
appearance. It is no longer a growing item but is dying, breaking down.
Where possible consume only locally grown ripe organic fruit. Eat

Even then, limit your fruit intake. Fruit has be bred to be much sweeter than
it originally was, 30 to 50 times as sweet. That certainly gets kids to eat
them! But the increased fructose (sugar) will mess up your homones.

It is that simple.

There are things you can do to rapidly increase the alkalinity of your body.

None of these are recommendations though I've done them all
and still do
them routinely

baking soda, apple cider vinegar in water. Caution as there is sodium
in baking soda thought I'm not sure that is really ever a problem. Talk to a
good nutritionist to see if it might effect you
adversely before taking.

Eat watermelon and lemons. This one is natural and pretty fool proof, just
don't eat protein first :-) It wont hurt you but may make you a bit gaseous.
Fruit is best consumed on an empty stomach to prevent digestive problems!

Minerals are all alkaline:
Himalayan Salt, potassium, calcium-magnesium
and many more.

I routinely consume
potassium and calcium-magnesium. I also use
Himalayan Salt!

There is alkaline water available out there. Some bottle water has a positive
pH. I don't put too much attention on that thought I have consumed some. I
prefer to use food to create a healthy body. I have to eat anyway!

Here's a
List of Acid/Alkaline Forming to read.

Also, since writing this article I've written another which gives some
important data and actions you can take:
Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride, Toxins...How to Survive! to read.
Toxins all create an acidic body.

In Closing

Here is a chart that gives you a list of food that trigger fat storage and fat
burning. You may notice that the fat burning foods are also generally
alkaline foods. Enjoy your adventure to good healthy.
Click to view!

By the way, I highly recommend that you eliminate
all dairy from your diet.
click to view. It is well worth your life to watch this video.

One more thing :-)

I truly believe you can be virus and cancer free your entire life. By the way,
drugs are all extremely acidic poisons! Please see my disclaimer below
article :-)

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