Victory, Defeat or Winning?

Let me relay a story of how I handled a young adult at the school where I
worked for eleven years.

When I worked for a private school,
The Delphi Academy of LA, I was in
charge of handling problems. Any type, staff, student, family or parents and
security. I did an awesome job!

One student that was creating waves, getting into trouble was an incredible
young man.

He was extremely competitive at sports. He had to win!

After a few visits to my office, I really inspected his situation.

He was a superior athlete. Yet he was so insistent on winning, he would
belittle his opponents and create upsets.

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Those re-occurring upsets landed him in my office.

After interviewing him, I could see what he was doing. He was defeating the
other team rather than simply winning.

I had him take a look at this.

I asked him, since he was clearly a better athlete, what was the purpose of
upsetting the other team.

Why not just win by being better? After this was gotten across, I never saw
him in my office.

He could just win by being better, not by cutting others down.


What he had been doing was not playing a game. He had been destroying

He realized that was not necessary!

What is the Purpose of Sports?

Sports is practice for the game of  Life! Life is a game.

Sports should teach the young to get alone with others, not crush everyone.
That is contrary to much coaching that is done. “Kill the opposition!”

“Kill the opposition!” is not sportsmanship and is not survival for mankind!

That is a profit motivated viewpoint. Professional sports is riddled with profit
motivated viewpoints!

Victory, What is it?

Victory is winning in a fair competition. Defeat is losing in a fair competition.
Winning could be said to be a profit motivated affair.

Of course you could reverse any of the terms. The point is how did you win or
become victorious?

Did you cheat, steal, murder? That's not a game. That's dishonor!

Humans Survive Together Best!

We have plenty of real enemies. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, forest
fires, droughts, tornadoes, etc. Why must man go about and kill man? Profits
or Power of some type!

If all men could side against natural enemies, we would flourish and prosper!

But, like my friend, obtaining an unfair advantage in sports, mankind
continues to seek unfair advantages to dominate or kill his fellow man. That is

Unfortunately, it is the insane leaders who are puppets of the banksters that
put our young on the battle field to do the killing and be killed while they sit
back in leather chairs safe from harm. That invites some very strong words to
describe those greedy vultures!

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©2006-2013  by Carl Watts/ 062313
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