The very definitions of “victim” cover half the purpose of this article.

So lets look at the definitions. Loosely speaking "victim" is defined as:
Someone harmed or injured because of some event. A victim is someone
who was deceived or tricked. A victim could also be the person sacrificed by
an ancient religion!

Cause or Effect

Looking at those definitions or any other definition of victim, would you say
the victim is being effected or is causing things to happen?

If you are a victim hit by a speeding car and killed, that is effect. The driver
of the car would be cause! You would be greatest effect a human can
experience, dead.

If the local gang, comes in and robs your home, that would be being an
effect. The robbers would be cause and committing the crime. You would be
a victim.

I hope this country doesn't get to the point where our “leader” expects live
sacrifices. Anyone selected for that privilege would be a first class victim. I'm
not going to raise my hand to volunteer!

By the way, I've included a group of
questions below the video you might

Victims in terms of ACTION.

In the definitions and my examples, the actions were all started by someone.
The car's driver, the gang, the “leader” all started actions that resulted in
harm to you, the victim!

The car was moving faster than you were. The gang moved with more
power. The “leader” moved with trickery and lies to force a “volunteer” to be
a sacrifice.

Before I go further, I can already hear people saying, what could I do? It
wasn't my fault. Oh pity me, the poor victim. Nope pity will not improve your
life at all! Pity, sympathy, low tone emotional responses will just make you
right and hold you down!

Cause and Responsibility

To be responsible and cause over the situation with the car, you would have
to be aware of your environment and able to move fast.

With the gang, the first point of responsibility is you live in the neighborhood
where you're likely to be robbed. You have failed to install adequate security.

Basically you left yourself open to be robbed. Where is the dog? Do you
have a fence, external lights, cameras, an alarm, a strong door?

I know, it cost money.

But which is cheaper, a little security or being robbed perhaps physically
harmed? Dogs do eat a lot!

How would you be cause and take some responsibility for our “leader”? Did
you vote? Oh tell me you didn't vote him in to office!

Have you written him, Congress, anyone about conditions of our nation and
his willingness to write laws without anyone's agreement? #Obamacare,
illegal aliens, #vaccines, #GMO's,
#Chemtrails, Homeland Security, TSA,
#FDA and on and on?

Neglect creates victims. Neglect is doing nothing, no responsibility, no
causative actions! Europe neglected Hitler. Europe then suffered being a
victim of Hitler. No one was willing to be cause until he had conquered half

Body Conditions

This is probably the toughest once to confront. Just confronting a healthy
body can cause strange experiences.

It is your body. You need to confront it enough to feed it well and not poison
it too much. You need some knowledge and some responsibility for your diet.

You need to realize the doctors will not take care of your body. The doctors
will not heal or cure you. If you have a broken arm, yes, they will help you.

If you let and expect the doctors be responsible for your body, you will
become a victim. I call such victims “medical wreckage”.

You can always get your diet corrected and get off your drugs if you're not to
far gone. Don't stop taking any drugs without consulting your health care
provider. Most drugs are addictive and coming off them can be dangerous.
So consult your provider or alternative practitioner.
See my disclaimer at the bottom
of this page

You can be healthy. You will not likely ever be healthy letting a doctor give
you drugs.

Life is mean to be LIVED at full speed!

Take action in your life. Look around. What do you need to address? Make
a list.

Is it overwhelming, too much to confront?

Pick a small thing that you can do something about. Handle that NOW.

If it's a body problem, do your own research. Don't just consult some drug
pushing medical doctor sites. Look at alternative remedies.

I'm drug free, very healthy and over 65 years old! And it is not
genetics as all
my siblings have or are having body problems and they're younger than me.

Once you handle the first item, then pick another. Making a list will remove
the situations from “everything is bad” category (that the
media's message).
Making a list will bring it down to a number of things you can handle one at
a time.

Writing things down makes life simpler, easier to deal with!

Once you get good at that, you can write articles and help others.

Let me know if I can assist you!

Life is grand only if you are busy living and enjoying it. You can't do that as
a victim!

Every thing will be okay!

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like
expanded on or anything you'd like to see me write an article about. Happy to do so as
I'm always looking for new ideas. Contact me via this site by going

GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

©2014 Carl Watts 030315

These are
Questions I've posted over the last four years that relate to this
article to greater or lesser degrees. I hope you enjoy them:

  1. What are you victim of?
  2. Who make you a victim?
  3. In life, are victims rarely happy, do you understand why?
  4. How do you define cause and effect?
  5. Can you cause another to understand, how?
  6. Would you like to know how to be Cause rather than effect?
  7. If you fail to attempt to be cause, will you only be effect?
  8. Is being sympathetic being cause or being effect?
  9. When someone has cancer & you're sympathetic, have you assigned
    cancer to cause?
  10. If you see a tragedy & you become sympathetic, what is being cause?
  11. Where are most people around you on a scale of effect to cause?
  12. What percentage are you cause versus effect?
  13. What part of universe do the insane control, is that part of cause?
  14. Is responsibility cause, is effect irresponsibility?
  15. Who is cause/responsible for your life?
  16. Is a child mostly cause or effect, responsible or irresponsible?
  17. Are children responsible for Earth?
  18. Are fish or trees responsible for Earth?
  19. Are responsibility and cause uncomfortable subjects?
  20. Are you being constantly put at cause by others or at effect?
  21. At what point does a child cease being cause over education, become
  22. If life is cause, what is the physical universe?
  23. If you command all particles to align and they did, would that be cause
    over matter?
  24. Is time cause, why?
  25. When you blame someone, are you assigning them cause, yourself
  26. How can a being that is total cause be at effect?
  27. Are you at cause over any group, #AwesomeTeam?
  28. Who or what is cause in your life?
  29. How do you transmute the lead of humanity into the gold of the spirit?
  30. If you're not cause are you being effect, who's going to change that?
  31. If you're being effect of things, are you failing to be cause?
  32. What area of life should you not be cause over, effect of?
  33. If you were always cause over yourself, how would life be?
  34. Do you know how to be cause over yourself, even your body?
  35. If your body is always effect, are you cause?
  36. Have you or can you accept that you can cause things?
  37. Are you the effect of your own causes?
  38. Can you cause things to happen?
  39. As cause, do you find yourself shouldering the ills of the world?
  40. If you originate or cause a communication, who is responsible for it
    being understood?
  41. Can you safely be at effect as long as you remain cause?
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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