I am promoting this article because every week, I see good followers suspended. Some
temporary, Some vanish forever. Perhaps they don't know what to do? Hence read on and
share. If you don't have time to read this, bookmark the page for the future.

Suspended! Now What?

What I'm going to give say here is my opinion only!

I hope this is not in conflict with any of Twitters rules as that is not my
intention ever to promote other than cooperating and adherence with Twitters

I highly recommend you spend some time studying, not
just briefly reading over, Twitter's rules:

First, I'll give you my theory of why most good people get suspended:

1. You were ignorant and actually broke a rule! You failed to STUDY!

My first suspension was exactly that. I thought I was following the rules but I
wasn't. Hence Twitter suspended my forty accounts. What I was doing was
posting the same tweets on multiple accounts though not at the same time. It
was a violation of the rules.

I used a lot of communication and Twitter agreed to give me back one
account. So @Poet_Carl_Watts is still here. I was lucky!

2. In your enthusiasm, your actions triggered Twitters anti-spammers
software or some other rule violation software.

In either case, I recommend very quick action on your part.

The moment you're suspended, file a ticket.

Ask them what did you do that was wrong so you can correct your ways.
Promise that you will not repeat the offensive conduct.

You will usually get an email.

Do not ignore it even though you just filed a ticket shortly before.

Again repeat “Ask them what did you do that was wrong so you can correct
your ways. Promise that you will not repeat the offensive conduct” or similar

You will usually get another email. Do not ignore it. Do the same thing again!
Always ask for specific errors on your part.

I would also suggest that you politely suggest that it would be nice if they
would warn you
before suspending accounts!

Do not get angry with Twitter!

Yes!!! I know it is a shock, frustrating, confusing, unfair...etc...that
you're suddenly were cut off from your friends!  It is a huge loss.

It you're a spammer, you probably don't care, you just open 3 or 4 new
accounts and spam away!

Twitter's staff are good people, just like you and me!

Don't give up until they really turn them down. Even then, I would be inclined
to ask exactly why if I didn't fully understand and ask for another chance

The last time I was suspended it was for “posting multiple unrelated
updates to a trending or popular topic, which is a violation of the Twitter
Rules. You can find the more information about Trending Topics here:

What I was doing was posting late nite jokes from Leno, Letterman etc. Of
course these guys all talk about the latest scandal or disaster: Obamacare,
Biden, whatever else just happened etc.

I was certainly not trying to create a trend, change or abuse a trend, nor
anything at all having to do with trends. I was merely trying to entertain :-)

I was posting extremely rapidly. I've set things up so I can do that. Apparently
that was enough: rapidly posting trending subjects...suspended! My heart fell
out on the floor!

I followed my own advice given above and Twitter saw, understood and
reinstated me very rapidly.

I asked if it was the late nite jokes specifically and they didn't reply. So I can
only assume that was correct as they didn't tell me otherwise. They busy!

Suspension Without Warning

My only additional comments are that it would be very nice, even polite and
respectful if Twitter would send a tweet or email or both as a warning with the
specific rule violation and give us good folks to correct ourselves!

And that should you ever get suspended, suggest to them it would be nice to
be given
advance warning!

Look at what they consider spam. Visit their page


The problem with rules and laws is they restrict unjustly the innocent, the
honest and treat us all like spammers and criminals. Unfortunately, the
criminals/spammers ignore laws, continue, and create problems for all!

We are not criminals or spammers. I seriously doubt a criminal or spammer
would ever read this as they have no desire to improve themselves!

I do! And I suspect you do too!

Again, let me stress this is only my OPINION and you need to always
use Twitters rules,
http://support.twitter.com/entries/18311, as your
guideline to success!

#FollowFriday, How to Play for additional comments on Suspension by
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If you would like to comment or have additional data, please
contact me. By
doing so, you give me permission to use or not use as I see fit any data or
comments, to add to this article or other pages, including editing :-)

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