The following data is my opinion based on observation and my education and
was written for Twitter but it applies any and every where. I'm not stating it as
absolute fact, only as my opinion! But of course it's 100% totally accurate.
Again it applies to any place you are listing data about you!

That said, I'll get on with it.


First thing is the picture. Pictures communicate better than words. So what do
you want to communicate?

An “egg” picture can communicate you're lazy, you're scared, you're hiding or
who knows what! It certainly does not communicate beauty, confidence,
knowledge, friendship or anything positive about you.

So you are picking out a picture? And you decide on a logo, do people really
fall in love with a business or it's logo? Do they want to tell a business
important things in their live or how about the unimportant things?

So you decide on a tough uncaring picture, perhaps ugly or who knows what!
What is that telling people? Does it make them want to be your friend? Does it
make you safe to communicate with?

There are people I refuse to follow because I don't like
their picture as they are intentionally being what I
consider ugly and/or offensive.

Recently a person, who mentioned me many times, wanted to be followed but I
found his picture/icon ugly (wasn't a picture of him or her) and I refused to
follow. If it keeps coming up, I'm going to block it.

Also, is your picture clear and simple enough that people can tell what it is? Or
is it so dark, so busy, out of focus, small, or at a weird angle that people have
to guess what it is? Why start a potentially life long relationship with a
confusion as the first thing people see about YOU? Make it clear, easy to view


You can't do a whole lot about the name your parents gave you. But if you
really want to you can totally change it. I was called “Allen” by my family. I
went into the Army and they called me "Watts, Carl." Not really caring much
one way or the other, I became know as Carl Watts from there on.

Your Twitter name is something which communicates similar to your picture.
Again, what do you want to communicate? I am
@Poet_Carl_Watts. (Tell your

A sexy name, like a sexy picture, can communicate you are a slut (male or
female) or that you sell lingerie. Or it can say because your body is aesthetic
and it has always been a successful way for you to get attention and you are
continuing to use it for attention. Someone could think that you want attention
and don't know how else to attract it.

It could be something else entirely but you have to decide how promiscuous
you want your name to sound, how mean or how kind. You have to decide if
your name should be threatening or helpful. What do you want people to think
about you?

Very short names often do not allow people to find you. A single word name
like "Norah" will bring up hundreds of potential people which are not the
correct person. I know this because Twitter's "server error" forces me to
search for people and I never can locate "Norah". So pick a longer and or
more complex name if you want people to be able to find you :-)


I don't believe I need to say the same things again. There is only so much you
can enter on Twitter. I would suggest that you include a URL as another way
to contact you. Again, what do you think people will think having read your bio?

Perhaps you don't want people to think well about you. Perhaps you want to
be threatening, to be ugly. It's your choice.

People will form opinions about you based on your appearance, your words
and your actions.

If you have a tragic personal situation, is that want you want to promote in
your bio? Are you looking for sympathy and trying to bring others down? Is
your tragedy the main focus of your life? Should you be focusing on that or the
positive things in life, in your future? Related article
Fighting Against....

Your value to humanity is not your personal tragedy. Your
value is your strength, ability to create and your positive

What kind of impact do you want to create on your fellow man? Do you want
them to survive better or worse?

A personal opinion of mine, don't mention "Unfollowing". Of course if they
unfollow you, unfollow them but why make the suggestion before they even
get to know you.

Another is "I'll follow you if you follow me." Sounds like extortion or something.
Go ahead and follow them.

If you say follow for follow (f4f), follow them all. Seeing someone that is
following 2000 while 3000 are following him makes the f4f a lie. So don't write
it in your bio if you are not going to do it.

Protecting Your Tweets

I wrote an article on protecting your Tweets. Here is the link: Protected
Tweets* or Restricting Your Life.

©2011  by Carl Watts/ article edited 3/11/12, 6/2/12, 072812 101012
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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