How To Assist

Basic Purpose: To Grow #AwesomeTeam

This article was written for my following on Twitter. Unless you have
already read
New Civilization, the first thing would be to read it. It gives the
goal of this group:
New Civilization.

After that, read #AwesomeTeam Defined.

This article is written with the intention of clarifying who we are and what
we are trying to do. Many people have confusions based on bad
experiences with past groups. I want to ensure you are confusing
#AwesomeTeam with any other group. We are ourselves and not like other
earlier groups.

After that, I would suggest reading the article #FollowFriday, How to Play.
That's a fast way to expand and to get yourself known.

If you're still with me, next is to assist in spreading data to help others to
communicate. The more people get into communication, the better the
planet will be!

If you're willing to do this, retweet the article I tweet to you loyal followers.

Use the Hash Marked Term #AwesomeTeam in Your

I wrote an article explaining why this is import. Please read POWER!

Also to help you, read How to Get Traffic and How I Promote a Page.

When you have new followers hitting the 2001 barrier, send them the
article to help them on

I would suggest you read all my Twitter Tip pages listed in the right hand
panel. All of them are written to assist people in growing on Twitter.

If you're willing to assist, read #AwesomeTeam Hope and Expansion and
let me know what area you would like to be given.

I'll add more to this as I discover additional or more efficient methods of
distributing data!


If you haven't yet read NEW CIVILIZATION, please take a minute to do so
by clicking

Thanks for helping. Your help is welcome and appreciated,

Contact me for more specifics.

If we can impact enough people, perhaps we can turn
the tide of darkness into a flood of light.

If you help or can't devote the time, either way, let me know if you need

I have a page “Problem Solving” Check out some of my successes.

#AwesomeTeam Day2U! :-) #PEACE

©2011  by Carl Watts/ 8/25/11, 053112
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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