#FollowFriday, How to Play

These notes are based on the opinions and observations of Carl Watts and
may not be accurate or true.

(If you are brand new on Twitter start with
How to Start Twitter & Rapidly
, Twitter Tips VERY BASIC, and follow up with Twitter Basic Tips.)

The FollowFriday site is no longer in existence. So all the "rules" for the game
are gone.

However, the long and short of it is, it is still a game.

Why I play FollowFriday based on my plan as outlined in
New Civilization
and "
How and Why I use Twitter".

Part of my game is to help you win at your game, my cause is to promote your
cause. If you win, humanity is stronger! Please use the hash marked term
#AwesomeTeam in all your tweets. See related article

FollowFriday allows me to promote you, my followers, that have promoted me.

By doing well in the FollowFriday game, I create respect and get some
attention which furthers my expansion and my ability to impact more people.
This makes my promotion of you more effective. In turn, as you grow, your
promotion of me gets more effective. It is a win win win win situation where no
one loses.

Having probably over spoken, here is how I play FollowFriday.

How I Play.

First is you must decide who you are going to recommend in the #FF
I have too many followers to recommend them all. Twitter does not
allow that many Tweets to be posted.

I suggest you make a list on a word document. Then on Fridays, you can just
copy, paste and Tweet.

I keep a list of all my followers that have RT'd my contents or spoken highly of
me in the past. I try to give back to them. So if you're on my list thank you for
your past support.

There is software that you can use to send these #FF and other Tweets
out for you automatically.
You just load and tell it to start. That is
TweetAdder. I am an affiliate for them. I've been using their product for about
two years and I'm totally happy with it. You can read about it on my
Twitter Tips page by clicking here.

Update 7/22/11: In a communication with
"There are 3 main reasons I have seen for suspension:

"1) Sending the exact same tweets out over and over again
2) Sending the same tweets across multiple profiles
3) High ratio of new follows blocking your profile > sending a flag to

"#1 and #2 are easy fixes, don't repeat posts, or duplicate tweets.
#3 Do not try to take a "shotgun" blast approach to following people...."

So your #FF shouldouts, shouldn't all be identical. The way I handled that was
numbering the shoutouts and the randomizing the tweeting of them. Here is a
98Activism-vs-Sheeple http://ad.vu/uxzp #FF #AwesomeTeam
@mydrpam @thechampion9360 @Vheyo_ @LionessOfJudeah
11Activism-vs-Sheeple http://ad.vu/uxzp #FF #AwesomeTeam
@JeffCavallaro @SophieGramme @DnielAlper @didier52
94Activism-vs-Sheeple http://ad.vu/uxzp #FF #AwesomeTeam
@foreverhear @PAULATRUMP @aliceDewonder @Vaccin8tionNews
62Activism-vs-Sheeple http://ad.vu/uxzp #FF #AwesomeTeam
@CHARLATAN_INK @tami282 @febribiebier @GoGreenBeans
13Activism-vs-Sheeple http://ad.vu/uxzp #FF #AwesomeTeam
@dara317 @Ivengarkissa @HairbyFayeMac @ranee25
60Activism-vs-Sheeple http://ad.vu/uxzp #FF #AwesomeTeam
@psychbot @bev_carr @2BirdTalk @MaMaMichellina

See related article: Suspended! Now What!...click to read.

I've been tweeting the same  message for the last six months with no problem,
but I don't want to take chances.

If you are new to Twitter and want to expand, just take all your followers and
do a shoutouts to them.

Go to the list of your followers, copy & paste their names with some message
like “Thx4Following #FF :-)”. Put as many or as few names in each tweet as
you would like. Copy, paste and tweet goes really fast.

To make this a bit easier, there is a free software program you can download
to take keys and automate phrases. My "F1" key automatically enters
“#AwesomeTeam Day2U!:-)” which I use all day long. I've programed about
10 keys. It doesn't take ANY computer skills to use this software. It is easy to
change. I change the “Day” to “Nite” and back daily.

That software is Clavier+. Their website is
I am not a affiliate with these great people!

If you do random shoutouts, to all that are following you, your followers, the
ones you mention, will notice you a lot more. Just the mention, by you, of them
creates reality that you are there. They will pay more attention to your tweets.

The game starts at 1200 midnight Thursday GMT.

The following were the rules from the now non-existing FollowFriday site:

East Coast that 7:00 pm Thursday EST. For California, the game starts 4:00
pm PST. The game ends 1200 noon Saturday GMT according to the rules.
Based on my observation, I could be wrong on this, I believe it ends 4:00 am
PST. Anyone figures this out differently, give me a shout and I'll change.

So on Thursday or what ever day and time it is where you live, have your list
read and start promptly! I would recommend no more than a shoutout every 2-
3 minutes. More often and you wind up in Twitter Jail and you lose time.

If you run out of names, mix them up in a systematic fashion and do another
round of shoutouts. Or you can just select new people, follow them and do
shoutouts! Pick my followers they would appreciate the additional shoutout
from you. Go to my profile and click on my followers and have fun!  :-)

The reason to start early is not everyone stay current on replying or even in
looking at Twitter.

I try to follow all mentioned to me in Shoutouts all the time so send me new
people! I say "try" because it is impossible literally for me to keep up, but I
work on it. I like your recommendations!  They are great people!

What markings count and what does not:

Since the official FollowFriday site is gone, I do not know this applies but it
has been the generally acceptable rules!

"FF" does not count. "#Follow" does not count. "FF#" does not count. Use
"#FF" or "#FollowFriday." Any symbols that separate the hashmarked word
makes it not count for the game. Also if you do not leave a space
before the
hashmark, it will not count. For example "happy#FF" will not count but "happy
#FF" counts.

Each Friday, you play, based on my playing, you will get higher scores as
your followers will join in and support you! People love to play games even if
only to help you!

When you play next week, change your opening phrase. For example “#FF
Recommendations #AwesomeTeam” this week. Next week, I change that to
“#AwesomeTeam Ppl to #FF”. This prevents duplicate posting which Twitter
may block. See Twitter Rules by clicking
here. Also see update 7/22/11
above. Do please include the has marked term
#AwesomeTeam in all your
tweets to help

To be on the SAFE side, keep count of the solo #FF you do. I use a simple
marks on a paper to tally how many solos I do.

If you want to help
#AwesomeTeam, mention me in a solo or duo shoutout.
Also reTweet my content and shout outs. Everybody win!

Please use the term #AwesomeTeam in all your tweets. See related article

It is a game. I can not lose as my support of each of you helps you win!

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