Communication and Future

Dear AwesomeTeam,

I have been reviewing my list of over three thousand people that have
Retweeted my content or otherwise befriended me.

The list grows daily :-) Its over 4,000 as of this edit.

Unfortunately, I have found many have been suspended or no longer exist.
Some of these people I had developed friendship with beyond mentions and
retweets. Now I find Twitter has cut my communication line and that friend
maybe lost forever.

Twitter uses software to watch for patterns that they deem are spam or are in
some way offensive to their rules. By the way, their rules are not clear from
my experience.

It seems to me that late in 2012 they increased their willingness to suspend
people for minor things. Good people trying to understand were suspended
more than once. Some made it back, some didn't.

One of my accounts was suspended. I believe it was an error but I agree with
their terms and was promptly re-instated.

Twitter makes mistakes. They are still the best of the best of social networks.


First if you get suspended, I have an article that might help you get
“Suspended, Now What”. You might want to read or bookmark for
the future.

Next, my email is Carl@carlwattsartist-dot-com. Dot should be converted to a
period mark. You can email me if you like or just keep my email for the future.

I have also added an email address to my bio. But if I get suspended, you
wwill not be able to see that

If you get suspended and do not get reinstated, set up a new account. Tweet
and mention me that you're back or email me. I'd like to remove your old
Twitter name from my list and replace with your new name.

Email Addresses

I don't share. Plain and simple. I don't sell or rent. I'm not going to pass your
email address around.

Further, I have not done a newsletter email since April 2008 so you will not be
getting a lot of emails from me. Most likely, unless a specific subject involving
you is involved, you will never get an email from me. I will, of course, respond
if you email me. If I don't respond, it is possible your email went to my spam
folder. Alert me on Twitter.

Other Social Networks

Below, I have some of the social networks I am involved with. Most of my
involvement with these is slight as I spend all my time on Twitter. But they
can be used as alternative communication lines.

If you liked my
Fan Page on Facebook, we could always be in touch that
My Fan Page does not have a limit to how many I can befriend. My
personal page has the normal five thousand friend limit and I'm half way
there. You can reach me via
Linkedin or G+.


Friends are valuable. I don't want to lose a single one you!

Bye the way, if my views or opinions have in the past ever offend you, just
unfollow me if you feel that the best solution.

If I notice, I may follow you again, but you're not obligated to follow back.

In advance, I mean no offense but I do know by writing and saying what I
know, some people have gotten upset. I apologize for any upsets I have
created or may create :-)

I believe "a person is only as valuable as they do serve others in their games
of survival." I'm quoting myself.

I also believe each of us is responsible for our own situations and problems
and that something can be done about them.

I am very successful in helping people resolve problems especially acute

I am very knowledgeable in nutritional solutions to physical situation.

Point being, don't be shy, email me or mention me. I rarely check DMs so
alert me if you're going to DM me.

I wish you all an #AwesomeTeam brilliant future!

Special thanks to the Amber Group:  #ACO-1 #ACO-2 #Odycy

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Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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